Advancing the technologies that make advanced air mobility a reality
Advanced air mobility is gaining momentum, making it clear that this market offers a significant opportunity for legacy aircraft builders and startups alike. More-electric aircraft technologies are giving rise to hybrid-electric designs, as well as all-electric vehicles, including electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft.

As a global leader in the design, manufacture, and certification of aircraft systems and components for commercial and military platforms, Parker Aerospace and its dedicated advanced air mobility (AAM) team is uniquely positioned to support and bring to reality the vision of global AAM manufacturers.

Offering a broad spectrum of proven technologies, coupled with an innovative engineering-focused culture, Parker Aerospace provides its customers the ability to develop and certify products quickly while mitigating risk.
From the cockpit to control surfaces, and almost everywhere in between, the Parker Aerospace AAM team offers a keen understanding of the challenges faced by manufacturers and their partners. Read below to learn more about specific technologies or contact our AAM team to support your unique program needs.
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As AAM technology evolves, infrastructure takes form, and regulatory requirements are established, Parker Aerospace technologies and expertise will help crystallize the vision of its customers. Continue reading...
Parker Aerospace's Gas Turbine Fuel Systems Division (GTFSD) will supply the liquid cooling system for Embraer’s scientific development program of its demonstrator aircraft utilizing 100 percent electric propulsion technology. Continue reading...
With platforms of all kinds in development, by manufacturers both big and small, Parker Aerospace can satisfy the shared demand for AAM thermal management solutions. Continue reading...
Migration from hydraulic and pneumatic energy to electric energy requires improved power-handling capability and efficiency. System voltages for MEA will climb from 28VDC and 115VAC to upwards of 1,000VDC.  Continue reading...
Upstart and established aerospace companies are competing to launch electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) vehicles for the purpose of realizing the promise of less congested means of transportation and zero emissions offered by the urban air mobility (UAM) business model. Continue reading...
Hydraulic powerpacks are a means towards aircraft electrification, achieving greater fuel, weight and space efficiencies. Now Parker is innovating them further! More-electric aircraft (MEA) is a widely known recent trend and hydraulic powerpacks are a means toward more electrification. Continue reading...
Aircraft electrification eliminates carbon emissions at the source and is one pathway to sustainable aviation with net-zero carbon emission aircraft. Advanced Air Mobility efforts include development of electric power for vertical takeoff and landing aircraft (eVTOL), as well as electric conventional takeoff and landing (eCTOL) solutions. Continue reading...
Legacy aircraft builders and startups are bringing a new era of aviation featuring electrical advanced air mobility (AAM) aircraft. Manufacturers of these new platforms face innumerable challenges, chief among them are two old and familiar foes: weight and heat. Continue reading...
For decades a dream for aerospace engineers is developing an all-electric aircraft and that dream is becoming a reality. Parker Aerospace has announced a partnership to further the development of electric flight. Eviation Aircraft has engaged Parker Aerospace to develop six technology system packages for Alice, the first-of-its-kind all-electric commuter aircraft. Continue reading...
It’s a match made in aerospace. Parker Hannifin has completed its acquisition of Meggitt, which is now officially part of Parker Aerospace, an operating group within Parker Hannifin. The acquisition represents the largest in Parker’s history and significantly increases the size of Parker Aerospace. Continue reading...

Partner with Parker Aerospace and gain access to innovative technology solutions for the AAM market

  • Cockpit controls
  • Electromechanical actuation and control (including electronically synchronized actuation)
  • Electric motors and inverters/controllers
  • Electric braking system development
  • Electrically driven wheel development
  • High-power solid-state distribution & electronics
  • Advanced thermal management solutions
  • Vibration suppression equipment and engine mounts
  • Localized hydraulic powerpack solutions

The pedigree, engineering muscle, certification expertise, and support capabilities to help new concepts take flight

In the fast-changing AAM market, an experienced aerospace technology partner is crucial. Over the decades, Parker Aerospace has built countless of certifiable components and systems for commercial and military aircraft, in both fixed-wing and rotorcraft applications. All Parker equipment is conceived and engineered to offer redundancy, safety, and reliability with the certification process in mind. Contributing to Parker’s track record of certification success is its state-of-the-art simulation capabilities, advanced test equipment, and thorough knowledge of global regulatory requirements.
The Parker Aerospace Customer Support Operations (CSO) is a global leader in integrated maintenance, repair, and overhaul services and support. CSO is a centralized organization with the purpose of delivering worldwide customer support 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

The AAM market is evolving daily. Learn how the dedicated Parker Aerospace advanced air mobility team can accelerate your success.

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