Leading with Purpose During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Throughout our 103-year history, Parker has been called upon in times of global hardship and adversity. Our leadership and perseverance in these defining moments demonstrates how we live our purpose: Enabling Engineering Breakthroughs that Lead to a Better Tomorrow.

In this moment of great need following the COVID-19 outbreak, the actions of our remarkable team members embody the Parker culture and values that unite us. With a spirit of caring and compassion, our team members are stepping up to deliver technologies used in ventilators to treat those who are sick; engine filters and transmission components for heavy-duty trucks to transport food, water and supplies; aerospace rotorcraft products to support emergency transport of patients; refrigeration technologies to help keep food fresh and medicine viable; and many other technologies essential to people's daily lives. Across countless critical applications, Parker products and systems are helping with the front-line effort to combat the spread of COVID-19 and support its treatment around the world.

We recognize we have unique responsibilities in the face of this pandemic. At Parker there is a shared understanding that nothing is more important than protecting the health and safety of our team members, our families and the communities we call home. We have taken early and aggressive action to help prevent the spread of the virus in our workplaces. At the same time, we are appropriately addressing the ongoing needs of our business so that we may continue to provide the technologies that are so vital to our world.

Strong, trusting relationships are the foundation of how we do business. Our dedicated sales and customer experience teams are leveraging digital collaboration platforms to ensure we are providing our valued customers, distributors and other partners with the same level of accessibility and exceptional support they have come to expect.

Our thoughts are with all individuals and families who have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. While these are extraordinary times and significant challenges lie ahead, I am confident that our collective determination and resiliency will prevail, and we will come together globally to change the trajectory of this virus and emerge stronger than ever.
Chairmain & CEO Tom Williams
Tom Williams
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Parker Hannifin Corporation
March 26, 2020

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