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Non-Spill Threaded Quick Connect Hydraulic Couplings
59 Series and FET Series
Non-Spill Threaded Quick Connect Hydraulic Couplings from Parker
A New Definition to "Working Under Pressure"
Parker's heavy duty threaded couplings are hydraulic quick connect couplings engineered to take the pressure and make the most demanding applications manageable. When you need to connect and disconnect hydraulic lines under pressure and without fluid loss, Parker has the solution.
Interchange Plus More
Parker's FET Series provides interchangeability with similar high pressure thread-to-connect couplings by other manufacturers. FET Series performance and features such as non-spill valves, durability, and high impulse resistance are comparable to its competitors while bringing additional Parker benefits and advantages.
Improve Performance. Decrease Maintenance Time and Costs
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Premium Performance
Parker's 59 Series is the premiere thread-to-connect coupling for high impulse hydraulic applications. The rugged Acme threads are resistant to damage and have a double start feature to quickly align the threads, saving time and eliminating frustration. As few as two and one half sleeve rotations will complete a full 59 Series connection. The bright orange O-ring is concealed by the sleeve and you can also feel when the coupler and nipple are fully mated, giving both a visual and tactile confirmation of a secure connection. Engineered to perform, the 59 Series was designed with an internal bearing to reduce hose twist and ease the difficulty of connecting fluid lines while under pressure.
FET or 59 Series: What is best for your application?
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