Catalogs / Brochures
Catalog HY08-AC1151 Series HMI Metric Hydraulic Cylinders

Catalog HY04-AC0910 Series A Heavy Duty Air Cylinders

Catalog HY04-AC0914 Series SA Stainless Steel Air Cylinder

Catalog HY04-AC0948 Series VE Air Cylinders for Valve Actuation

Catalog MH1110 Obsolete Series MH Hydraulic Cylinder

Catalog AC1130 Series L Medium Duty Hydraulic Cylinders

Catalog HY04-AC1132 Position Indicating Switches for Hydraulic and Pneumatic Cylinders

Catalog HY04-AC1137 Series CHE / CHD Compact Hydraulic Cylinders

Catalog HY04-AC1140 Obsolete Series H Heavy Duty Industrial Hydraulic Cylinders

Catalog HY04-AC1151 Obsolete Series AHM Hydraulic Cylinders - Replaced by HMI Series

Catalog HY08-1300 Cylinder Mounting Accessories

Catalog HY08-AC1314 Series H Heavy Duty Hydraulic Cylinders

Catalog HY04-AC1320 Series RDH Heavy Duty Hydraulic Roundline Cylinders

Brochure / Sales Flyers
HY04-AC0800.01 Hydraulic and Pneumatic Cylinder Products

HY04-AC1140-B1 Obsolete Series H Heavy Duty Hydraulic Cylinders

Tools / Forms

AC1700-E1 Request for Quotation Online Interactive Form

HY08-1700-G-E1 Request for Quotation Printable PDF Form


Service Bulletins
AC0106-TSD-1 Offer of Sale

AC0800-01-T1 Cylinder Safety Guide

0901-G-B3 Lube-A-Cyl

0914-G-E1 Series SA Switch Specifications

AC0995-M17 Series AHM Parts Identification, Maintenance Instructions & Seal Kits

H100-M02 Obsolete Series H Hydraulic Cylinders Maintenance Bulletin

HY08-1132-G-T2 Position Indicating Switches for Hydraulic and Pneumatic Cylinders

HY04-AC1137-M1 Series CHE, Compact Hydraulic Cylinder

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