White Papers from Parker's Engineered Materials Group
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Self-Lubricated Polyisoprene for Medical Septum Applications
Learn how Parker helped develop a system that reduces the needle drag and piercing resistance of the septum and injection site materials to increase product performance. READ MORE >

Choosing the Optimal Hygienic Seal for Enhanced Process Performance
Discover how seals used in hygienic clamp fittings, diaphragm valves, and O-rings are integral to process performance, preventing leaks and contamination. READ MORE >

Avoid Rod Wiper Leakage
Many designers and manufacturers do not realize that cylinder rod leakage can be attributed to a rod wiper that's too aggressive. READ MORE >

Antimicrobial Polymers in Medical Devices As Part of the Fight Against Healthcare-Acquired Infections (HAIs)
To help reduce the spread of hospital-acquired infections, medical device manufacturers can engineer antimicrobial properties directly into their devices. READ MORE >

Sealing AC Systems
Take a closer look at important factors to consider when choosing the right automotive tube joint seal for HFO-1234yf refrigerant compatibility. READ MORE >

Embedding RFID Tags within the Molded Components of Medical Devices
Using embedded RFID tags for auto identification and data capture (AIDC) offers numerous additional opportunities for product enhancement and/or differentiation, including high level anti-counterfeiting characteristics, damage/tamper resistance and automatic parameter settings. READ MORE >

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