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You need reliability.  Don't let seal leakage undermine performance.

Unreliable sealing means you can't be confident your equipment is performing at its best. 

Zero Leak rod sealing technology from Parker gives you confidence — and the highest performing polyurethane seal material available  — that enables you to meet or exceed performance expectations.

Zero Leak performance snapshot:

  • High temperature operating range of -65°F to 275°F
  • Up to 5,000 psi operation
  • Patented Resilon® polyurethane with excellent wear and rebound characteristics
  • Validation testing with no leakage after more than 309,000 cycles

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Hydraulic Cylinder with Zero Leak Rod Seal Components
Hydraulic Cylinder with Zero Leak Rod Seal Components
Zero Leak Rod Seal Package

Learn more about the
seal profiles
Don't leave seal selection as an afterthought in new system designs. 

Seal package recommendations vary depending on operating conditions and performance expectations. (Typical recommendations shown).  For instance, the BT profile is used in high pressure applications where high wear resistance is of greater importance.  The BD profile is designed for maximum sealing ability in low pressure systems where the rod will not be traveling long distances at high speed. 

Application Recommendations BT Rod Seal BD Rod Seal BR Buffer Seal
Excavators x x
Backhoes x x
Skid Steers x x
Material Handling Forklift x x
Bulldozer x x
Struts x x
Agricultural x
Aerial Manlift x
Crane x x
Performance Tested
Outperforms Competitor Seal Packages
We tested our Zero Leak rod seal package against the competition under extreme temperature/pressure conditions with high speed and high cycle count against two leading competitors' seal packages. 
The results:  There was zero leakage from Parker's rod seal package featuring Resilon 4300 over 309,000 cycles, whereas both Competitor A and Competitor B seals leaked throughout the test. 

Need a water-resistant seal package?  We tested our water-resistant Resilon 4301 polyurethane seal package at an even higher temperature and pressure with similar results - only 0.6 drop of total oil leakage.
The results:
Proven Success of Individual Components
Proven Performance in Pivot Pin Sealing

Parker's standard J Profile wiper, featured in our Zero Leak solutions, is utilized by leading global equipment manufacturers on a range of pivot pin applications.  

Manufactured from our patented Resilon® polyurethane, the Resilon 4300 J Profile wiper provides:

  • Exclusion of environmental contaminants, including dust, mud, and moisture owing to its aggressive, knife-trimmed wiping lip
  • Easy installation with a press-fit design
  • Long life due to tough, wear-resistant Resilon 4300 polyurethane that resists abrasion
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