Pulling the Plug on Carbon

Smart Electrification and Beyond
Achieving sustainability and connectivity are two of the main targets that construction and mining are looking to achieve on their way to creating an emission-free industry for the future.

This year bauma is focusing on these two themes and this Expert Insights bauma Special episode will further explore the options open to the industry to reach these goals and outline how Parker’s smart electrification offering can help.

Smart electrification and its implementation into the heavy mobile platform is the next key step in the journey to achieving carbon neutrality in the future.

Parker's experts, Shawn Horner and Paul Horvat, will discuss the solutions currently available to design engineers and OEMs looking to electrify existing platforms or design new ones and explore the options available to them as they work towards a carbon-free industry. The talk will discuss:

     - What ‘smart’ electrification ?
     - The 3 phases involved in replacing or optimizing ICE platforms
     - How Parker can facilitate this journey?
     - Who will benefit from these innovations?
     - What this means for the future of the industry?
Exploring The Tech Behind Mobile Electrification

Deep Dive into Mobile Electrification

Rapid advances in electric passenger vehicle technology are filtering down into mobile electrification at an ever-increasing pace. Keeping abreast of the technicalities of these innovations is imperative for businesses wanting to decarbonize, improve safety and reduce costs in the off-road and heavy industry mobile platform sector.

In this talk, international keynote speaker Mark Jeffries hosts an in-depth discussion about the technological innovations that are driving this mobile electrification evolution, with two Parker experts:

  • Chris Griffin - Business Development Manager Electrification, Motion Systems Group 
  • Prasanna Srinivasan - Global Marketing, Business Development and Pricing Manager, Engineered Materials Group
Mobile Electrification - Where Next?

Mobile Electrification and Decarbonization

As businesses worldwide focus on decarbonization, many engineers are looking for ways to develop clean technologies. Mobile electrification is becoming particularly popular, with the market and innovations moving at a pace.

In this talk, international keynote speaker Mark Jeffries interviews two top Parker leaders on future directions for mobile electrification:
  • Mark Czaja, Vice President and Chief Technology & Innovation Officer 
  • Paul Horvat, Vice President of Business Development, Motion Systems Group.
Route to Carbon Zero

Reducing emissions: technologies and trends

Many sectors today are under pressure to reduce emissions and comply with international standards and targets. Construction, mining, transportation and forestry engineers are keen to discover how emerging technologies can improve productivity, performance, and profitability – as well as lessening environmental impacts.

In this talk, international keynote speaker Mark Jeffries quizzes Parker experts Robert Airey and Gerhard Raml on technology options, including electrification and hydrogen fuel cell technology. Discussion topics will cover business drivers, opportunities and constraints and anticipated barriers facing different industries.
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