Safer, real-time performance for your machine
From entry level task oriented control to high I/O configuration for centralized control systems
The world is a risky place, but with focus on safety we can reduce the risk to an acceptable level. With IQAN-MC4x master controller and IQAN-XC4x expansions, machine designers can implement safety functions up to performance level d (PL d).

The robust IQAN-MC4x/XC4x Functional Safety modules come in three different sizes, suitable for all application sizes.
Can your control system react at lightning speed, to prevent a dangerous situation from occurring?

Watch our video about IQAN functional safety.
Learn more about how to implement functional safety in your mobile machinery with IQAN controllers.

Fast development of machine functionality with resource efficient IQAN software tools
The IQAN-MC4x/XC4x functionality is created with IQANdesign software tool for application development. In combination with the IQANsimulate simulation tool it gives the application developer the power to create safety functions in a fast, resource efficient way. Built in diagnostics and the ready to use powerful IQANrun service tool lets you get to the market fast, and ahead of the competition.

Visit our dedicated product series pages to learn more about our IQAN system hardware products for functional safety:

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