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The Helix Pump

Introducing The New Helix Pump

The Helix pump provides the best solution when performance is critical and space is limited

Parker Precision Fluidics Helix Piston Pump Parker Precision Fluidics Helix Piston Pump Features

Best in Class Size and Performance for Point of Care Testing

Helix pump

  • Integrated Unloading Valve

    • Enables pump venting to restart at low speeds

    • Normally open venting during power loss

    • Miniature valve rated for 100 PSI operation

  • Best in Class Pump Size

    • 49 x 85 x 88mm (2 x 3.4 x 3.5 inches)

    • Pressures needed for Point of Care diagnostics in a miniature size.

  • Best in Class Pressure and Flow

    • Demanding pressure needs up to 6.9 Bar (100 PSI)

    • >2 L/min at 4.1 Bar (60 PSI)

    • Enables system performance at high altitudes

  • Simple and Compact Integration

    • Standard Molex electrical connector

    • Simple mounting features

    • Fast fluid connections with push to fit

Optional Accessories

Check out these accesories designed to work in with the Helix Pump

Parker Precision Fluidics EZ-Mount Pump Accessories

Push-In Fitting Adaptor

The Helix pump utilizes straight ports designed for integration with 6mm Push-In style fittings.

Parker Precision Fluidics Pump Noise Filter Accessories

Pump Filter

Filter / Mufflers designed for use with Precision Fluidics pumps, to reduce noise and prevent debris from entering the pump

Let's Partner in Clinical Diagnostic Development

Learn More in our new Point of Care Testing Brochure


Your Partner in Point of Care Testing Instrument Development




Point-of-Care Testing Requires Microfluidic Precision

Point-of-care testing (POCT) is a rapidly expanding segment of the healthcare industry, especially for at-home care and disease management. This expansion is driven by an increasingly diverse array of advanced medical diagnostic equipment that can be used at or near the point of care... Keep Reading.

How to Streamline Point of Care Instrument Development

What should you consider when developing fluidics for a POCT system? Download the application note to find out.

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