Parker Redefines Its Direction with New Purpose Statement

Helping to better explain its unique contribution to the world, Parker recently distilled the company’s purpose into nine words: Enabling Engineering Breakthroughs that Lead to a Better Tomorrow. With this simple expression, Parker has described its purpose as a platform for growth, change, and positive impact to the world.

“We see this as our opportunity to more effectively speak about why we exist,” said Tom Williams, chairman and chief executive officer of Parker. “We’re not changing our direction, we’re defining it. Our purpose is a reflection of our culture, which remains vibrant after more than a century. By aligning ourselves around a defined purpose today, we will be better positioned for the challenges and opportunities of tomorrow.”

The combination of focusing on purpose, the company’s values and the Win Strategy is expected to accelerate Parker’s transformation, drive top quartile performance and deliver returns to shareholders.
“Our purpose provides inspiration and direction for our team members and highlights how we can strengthen our communities and have a positive impact on the world,” Williams added. “As we look to the future, changes in how people live, developments in technology, and dynamic markets depend on a partner that advances modern progress. Parker is that partner.”
You can learn more about Parker's new Leading with Purpose initiative by clicking here. Parker has also produced a short video that you can view here.