Extranet Enhancement for Improved Order Notification

Parker Electromechanical & Drives Division’s Extranet tool has historically provided basic information to provide insight into order progress. On the Order Status pages, customers can see the status of their orders. In order to provide more useful information to customers, an enhancement was recently implemented to achieve the following:

•       Standardize order status / late reason codes across the division

•       Simplified order status and more detailed late order reason codes

•       Notification to the customer every time an order date is pushed out

•       Detailed tracking of reason codes for root cause analysis aimed at improving delivery to promise date.

Below is a table that shows the factory status (internal), the prior Extranet status, and the new Extranet status. The goal of these new descriptions is to show when an order is “On Track,” when it is “Now Building,” and provide much greater descriptions if an order is late. Initial pilot testing of these enhancements was very well received by customers. 
In order to further enhance usability, Extranet account holders can personalize their accounts to receive notifications when order status changes.

We continue to strive to improve the value and usefulness of our tools. Our first goal is to deliver product on time. When this is not possible, our goal is to provide as much helpful information, as soon as possible, to alert you of any possible delays. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns by calling us at 800-358-9070 or emailing us at emn.service@support.parker.com.