Discover the Benefits of Going Frameless

Frameless motors are the ideal solution for machine designs that require high performance in small spaces. Kit motors allow for direct integration with a mechanical transmission device, eliminating parts that add size and complexity. Use of frameless kit motors results in a smaller, more reliable motor package.

"Frameless motors offer a unique advantage to the user because of the modular nature of the stator and rotor," says Jeff Nazzaro, servo product manager for Parker.  "With this modularity customers can build the motor into their equipment and realize all the benefits of direct driving their axis."
Benefits include a smaller envelope, lower cost, and, by direct driving, not getting caught up in inertia-matching concerns that are typical when attaching a motor to axis with couplings or belts and pulleys. Frameless motors are also ideal for custom housed motor configurations, especially hollow shaft motors.

This Design World article explains the advantages of using frameless motors in applications, and this short video provides guidance on how to properly integrate such a motor into your equipment.

For additional details, please contact Jeff Nazzaro at or 507-233-2324.