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Risk Mitigation in Biopharma through Single-Use Fluid Management Systems
Learn about the specific drivers and challenges in the field of biopharma and single-use systems, as well as:
  • How Parker Prädifa meets these challenges with our proprietary process technology
  • Understand the key features of our portfolio of single-use fluid management systems
  • Discover our product platforms: container systems, manifolds, flex caps
Roll2Seal®  ̶  The Self-Retaining Static Sealing Solution
Discover an all-new sealing solution developed by Parker Prädifa for easy and effective closure of bores in non-pressurized applications. The clever, patent-pending design combined with an equally new assembly process enables simple and accurate installation of the seal, which rolls into its seat undamaged and without a lead-in chamfer.
Sealing Compounds for Drinking Water Applications
In our webinar, you will learn
  • what requirements drinking water materials have to meet,
  • how regulations differ in various countries,
  • what solutions Parker Prädifa offers for global use of sealing systems.
Tailored Sealing Systems for Hydraulic Cylinders in Construction Machinery and Forklift Trucks
In our webinar you will learn how Parker Prädifa effectively covers diverse requirements with tailored solutions in the form of rod, piston and static sealing systems using suitable materials.
Sealing Solutions for Static Applications
Which factors influence the selection of the right seal for your application? In our webinar you will gain insight into the wide variety of solutions and learn about the key factors influencing the selection of the right seal for your application.
Rod Seals for Hydraulic and Electromechanical Actuators in Aviation
In our webinar, we will present rod sealing solutions for hydraulic and electromechanical actuators that have been specially developed for the safety-critical applications in aviation and offer high reliability and wear resistance due to their seal geometry and material selection.
Improving Seal Properties and Installation with ParCoat® Coatings
ParCoat® coatings from Parker Prädifa were specifically developed for elastomer products. They prevent mistakes during seal installation, thus ensuring reliable and long-lasting sealing performance. Our webinar will provide you with an overview of the wide variety of ParCoat® coatings, their properties and effects, complemented by examples from the field.
Elastomer Sealing Materials for the Fuels of the Future
Our webinar will provide insights into the current state of sealing elastomer compatibility tests with alternative OME diesel fuel and synthetic diesel (GTL/HVO) and show the range of usable materials as well as their limitations. General topics pertaining to the resistance of elastomers against liquid fossil fuels and against gases such as CNG, LPG and hydrogen will be covered as well.
Sealing Solutions for Electric Mobility
In our webinar we present solutions for sealing battery and thermal management systems as well as special sealing solutions which can compensate large tolerances. In addition, we show how the functional scope of seals can be significantly expanded with smart solutions.
Sealing Solutions in XXL Sizes
Learn in our webinar how to find the right sealing solution for your XXL application and master the specific challenges relating to large dimensions.

As a specialist in engineered materials, engineering design and process technology Parker Prädifa offers an extensive portfolio of large-size seals and moldings made of polymers such as NBR, EPDM, FKM, PTFE and PEEK, as well as metal.
Extreme Temperature Sealing
Our webinar with typical application examples from diverse industrial sectors will provide you with a comprehensive overview of sealing solutions for extreme application temperatures, including their suitability for static or dynamic sealing functions. And, in the event of further questions, use the opportunity to discuss with our experts after the presentation.
Sealing Systems for Actuators in Aviation
In our webinar, we present sealing systems for hydraulic and electromechanical actuators that have been specially developed for the safety-critical applications in aviation and offer high reliability and wear resistance due to their seal geometry and material selection.

At the same time, the webinar provide a forward-looking perspective of how sealing systems can be adapted to changing conditions in order to be able to meet the new challenges and objectives arising in relation to reducing emissions in aviation and ultimately achieving zero emissions or at least near-zero emissions.
Webinar: Sealing Solutions for Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning
Learn about the wide range of sealing solutions and sealing materials from Parker Prädifa in our webinar.
Modular Kit for Seal-Wiper Elements in Pneumatic Cylinders
In this webinar, learn how Parker Prädifa's modular seal-wiper kit enables the same pneumatic cylinders to be used for a wide variety of applications.
Hydrogen Sealing - Requirements and Solutions
Learn about the requirements of hydrogen applications for the sealing systems and the choice of materials and about sealing solutions for hydrogen applications with cryogenic conditions, high pressures and for use in fuel cells and electrolyzers.
Sealing Solutions for HP/HT Oil&Gas Applications
Our webinar describes how the challenges of HPHT applications in the oil & gas sector can be overcome by a variety of seal designs, focusing in particular on the advantages of engineered S-seals (aka spring seals) as a viable alternative to O-rings for use in surface & subsea equipment, down hole tools, valves, connectors and other wellhead equipment. These seal designs will be presented in detail, including typical applications, customs designs, retrofitting of O-rings to accommodate S-Seals, as well as spring and seal material options with requisite oil and gas approvals available from Parker.
Avoiding Gas Leakage - Protecting the Climate and Reducing Cost
In our webinar that is mainly focused on gas leakage, you are going to learn in detail about key influencing factors and what types of seals, sealing systems, materials, and design recommendations Parker Prädifa offers to prevent leakage. 
Universal Sealing Materials for Cooling Circuits
Resistant Against Coolant and Lubricant Oil
Our webinar will provide you with an overview of the chemical basics of polarity and the solubility of substances. 
Stay tuned for the latest trends in sealing technology, engineered components and system solutions in rubber and plastics.
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