Wind power accumulators, bladder replacement kits, and related equipment
Piston, bladder, and diaphragm accumulators
Piston accumulators
  • Highly durable with extremely low nitrogen permeation rates.
  • Low service temperature ratings comply with US and European pressure vessel codes.
  • Made in USA and Europe, for best-in-class lead times.
Piston accumulators
Crimped piston accumulators
  • Compact, lightweight and designed specifically to replace diaphragm type accumulators in systems.
  • Lower pre-charge permeation offers in longer intervals between inspections.
  • Available in 40 mm to 150 mm bore, and up to 10 liter capacities.
Crimped piston accumulators
Bladder accumulators
  • Greer and Olaer manufacturing expertise is part of Parker’s advantage as a major supplier of 10 to 57 liter bladder accumulators and bladder repair kits.
  • Dual certified to both ASME and PED.
  • Unique Rilsan coated shells drastically reduce friction between the shell and the bladder, prolonging service life.
Bladder accumulators
Diaphragm accumulators
  • For wind turbine braking systems and emergency energy reserve.
  • Designed to be compact and lightweight.
  • PED compliant.
Bladder replacement kits
Bladder replacement kits
  • Special bladder compounds developed for wind industry.
  • Offer long life, low nitrogen gas permeation and a wide operation temperature range.
  • For repair of existing accumulators in the field.
Bladder replacement kits
Related equipment—Bladder charging kits, sensors, and air/oil coolers
Air/oil coolers
  • Broad product range designed for rugged environments, offering efficient cooling capacity up to 300kW.
  • Design, materials, and components combine to offer long life, high availability, low service and maintenance costs.
  • Well suited for gearbox hydraulic system applications.
Air/oil coolers
Universal accumulator charging kits
  • Offer a wide variety of charging adaptors to fit varied gas valve designs and accumulator technologies, including bladder, piston, or diaphragm types.
  • Manufactured globally.
  • Kits equipped with two pressure gauges, enabling a more accurate gas pressure measurement for low-, medium-, and high-pressure requirements.
Universal accumulator charging kits
Coolant evaporation inhibitor
  • For GE 1.5 MW wind turbine open-loop cooling systems.  
  • Ensures correct water/glycol coolant mixture and levels in the insulated-gate bipolar transducer (IGBT) circuit.
  • Greatly inhibits water evaporation in the coolant solution and stops ingress of airborne contaminants, eliminating the need for continuous coolant monitoring during the warm season.
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Coolant evaporation inhibitor
Wireless sensors
  • SensoNODETM wireless sensors provide continuous condition monitoring for local applications.
  • Monitor assets for changes in pressure and temperature.
  • Cloud-based models available; can also monitor humidity, flow, and power.
Wireless sensors
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