Introducing EV Onward™, Parker’s portfolio of EV solutions that pairs engineering expertise and trusted products to solve complex challenges in thermal management, light-weighting, fast-charging, reliability and safety.
In a rapidly evolving industry, you need a partner with a strong track record of advancing new industries and deep engineering expertise to quickly adapt proven products for new applications. EV Onward™ is built on a strong foundation of trusted products and powered by applications engineers and scientists who are ready to tailor solutions to meet any challenge.
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EV Onward™ is built on a strong foundation of trusted products, powered by applications engineers ready to tailor solutions to any challenge, and supported by a global network of manufacturers, distributors, problems solvers and service professionals.
Why Do Customer's Choose Us?
Innovative Materials and Solutions Moving the Industry Onward

Parker thermal interface materials transfer heat from electronic components to heat sinks and are used to eliminate air gaps from the interface. Our Chomerics THERM-A-GAP® materials and LORD CoolTherm® materials deliver lower thermal impedance, higher thermal conductivity and greater compliance and conformability. These materials increase component performance, reliability and safety.
Whether you need structural integrity or an improved thermal connection, our adhesives allow for design flexibility and the ability to bond a variety of substrates. Our JMC and Sipiol® dielectric coatings  provide electrical insulation for battery cells and packs. Sipiol UV cures in seconds with ultra-violet light and can eliminate PET tapes allowing more cells to placed in the same space.
Parker seals provide easy installation, large tolerance forgiveness, and robust sealing throughout the life of the vehicle. Custom designs and materials allow this technology to seal almost any environment. Our materials meet a range of automotive and flammability requirements.
Parker Chomerics CHO-SEAL® and CHO-FORM® electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding and grounding products can be used on battery packs, power converters, and sensors -- offering superior performance, a lower cost to manufacture, and increased reliability.
Some of the best work gets done when our customers and our people put their heads together. If you're working on a new electric vehicle design and have questions, fill out the form below to see how our technical team can support you.