Webinar: Sealing Systems for Actuators in Aviation
In our webinar, we present sealing systems for hydraulic and electromechanical actuators that have been specially developed for the safety-critical applications in aviation and offer high reliability and wear resistance due to their seal geometry and material selection.

At the same time, the webinar provide a forward-looking perspective of how sealing systems can be adapted to changing conditions in order to be able to meet the new challenges and objectives arising in relation to reducing emissions in aviation and ultimately achieving zero emissions or at least near-zero emissions.
Discover our Sealing Solutions
Rod seal Prädifa series LB for aviation
Rod seal Prädifa series LS for aviation
Piston Seal Prädifa series LK for Avation, Polon® | Parker NA
Wiper Prädifa series AW, Polon®
Anti-Extrusion Ring Prädifa series X1 for Aircraft, Polon®
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