ELECT Diesel

Parker Solutions for Electric & Hybrid Bucket Trucks

The shift to fully electric or hybrid bucket trucks requires full system solutions with trusted components. Parker offers manufacturers unique knowledge of systems both electric and hybrid and how they evolve from the traditional diesel systems.

Hybrid bucket trucks maintain the diesel engine to drive the truck, but other features function with electric components. Electric motors and small battery packs are used for the hydraulic system within the truck. Though the use of diesel remains emissions and noise are reduced with the additive benefit of fuel efficiency with hybrid electric trucks.
Fully electric bucket trucks use electric components for both driving and hydraulics. Parker’s full smart electrification portfolio for work trucks includes configured ePumps, ePTO, electric inverters and electric motors. One of the main challenges in converting traditional work trucks to fully electric vehicles is creating a new hydraulic system with enough power to move the several features of the trucks. Understanding this problem Parker developed an integrated power take-off solution which is a complete assembly with an electric motor, control units and programming to replace mechanical PTO. Parker has the right knowledge to maximize system efficiency and integrate electric and hydraulics for a quieter, cleaner tomorrow.  

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