Webinar: Universal Sealing Materials for Cooling Circuits
Resistant Against Coolant and Lubricant Oil
Due to the simultaneous presence of polar (coolant/steam) and non-polar (lubricant oil) media, sealing of cooling circuits in diesel engines as well as in hydrogen combustion engines poses a challenge to the sealing materials used that should not be underestimated, i.e., sealing of different media that normally require different types of elastomers with just one sealing material at high temperatures.

So, what can be done if the low-cost standard EPDM material cannot be used because it must be resistant not only against the coolant but also against the lubricant oil? Coolant-resistant FKM materials from Parker Prädifa provide the required broad media resistance at high temperatures
– without sacrificing seal-relevant material properties or media resistance against lubricating oil.
Our webinar will provide you with an overview of the chemical basics of polarity and the solubility of substances. In addition, we’re going to present various application examples and an overview of our portfolio of sealing compounds with selection recommendations for various operating temperatures. The materials presented are also ideally suited for demanding sealing solutions in fuel cells.
Engineered Materials Group Europe
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