Leak-Free Liquid Cooling Connections

Leak-Free Liquid Cooling Connections

We create more than 2.5 quintillion bytes of data every day. That’s quintillion, with 18 zeroes. To store, process, and disseminate all that critical information instantly worldwide, electronics, data centers, servers, and supercomputers are being built more powerful and complex than ever.

As the industry embraces liquid cooling systems as the most efficient strategy to control the environment and keep the machines performing at optimal levels, quick connect couplings play an essential role.

Server, Data Center, and Supercomputer Cooling

For decades, Parker Hannifin has been the leader in quick connect, non-spill couplings with solutions that include specific couplings for liquid cooling/thermal management applications for servers, data centers, and electronics.  

This means the world’s largest and most trusted manufacturer of quick couplings is keeping you and your liquid cooling system Calm, Cool, and Connected.

Download this whitepaper to learn how Parker's durable, leak-free couplings are designed to protect your machines from potentially damaging heat and equipment failure.
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Maximum Reliability and Performance

  • Flush-face valve design prevents any fluid loss and optimum protection for servers, data centers, and supercomputers
  • Reduced pressure drop for superior energy efficiency and system performance
  • High resistance to vibrations and rotation
  • Broad selection of sealing materials compatible with temperature and fluids 
  • Manufacturing process that eliminates contamination of liquid cooling couplings
  • Global manufacturing and service capabilities
Featured Couplings from Parker's Quick Coupling Division
-40°C up to 70°C; up to 11 bar pressure
The NSG Series are dry-break couplings with flat face valves. The compact design makes them suitable for reduced spaces. 
-50°C up to +200°C (FKM); up to 60 bar pressure
The NSP Series are push to connect couplings. As a dry-break coupling, they feature a flat face valve design. 
Interchangeable with other Intel-approved UQD suppliers
Universal Quick Disconnect (UQD) based on an Intel inspired open specification. Developed in collaboration with Intel Corporation. UQD Series couplings are interchangeable with other Intel-approved UQD suppliers.
OCP Blind Mate Series
OCP Blind Mate Series
Working in collaboration with the Open Compute Project (OCP), Parker engineers developed the OCP Series. This series has a unique design that with a generous float or misalignment allowance.
-20°C up to +200°C (FKM); up to 15 bar pressure
The NSE Series are dry-break couplings with flat face valves. The compact design makes it suitable for reduced spaces when high flow is needed. 
Extremely Lightweight (Aluminum)
NSA couplings have minimal pressure drop and no inclusion of air or dust during connection. They also offer minimal fluid loss during disconnection.

About Quick Coupling Division
Parker's Quick Coupling Division is the largest manufacturer of quick couplings in the world, providing proven solutions with hydraulic and pneumatic couplings, high-pressure thread-to-connect couplings, non-spill couplings, check valves, and many other products and accessories for the most demanding applications.
About Parker
Parker Hannifin is a Fortune 250 global leader in motion and control technologies. For more than 100 years the company has engineered the success of its customers in a wide range of diversified industrial and aerospace markets.

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