Micro Thermo® Technologies Literature

MT Alliance™ is the Micro Thermo software application that provides a powerful, yet easy-to-use interface to your supermarket’s refrigeration, HVAC and lighting systems. In a single interface, MT Alliance provides the applications to configure, control, monitor and analyze all of your supermarket’s daily operations. The combination of MT Alliance software and Micro Thermo’s family of distributed intelligent controllers creates a simple, yet powerful integrated controls solution for food retailers.

The following is a selection of Sporlan references available for download. All information is in portable document format (.pdf).

If you would like to receive pricing and/or paper copies of literature, please contact your Sales Office or contact Sporlan Division by phone at (636) 239-1111.
Operations Manuals
Document Description
Bulletin 100-50-10.Y MT-651 series Case Controller Installation/Operation Manual
Bulletin 100-50-10.2 MT-700 Monitoring Node Installation/Operation Manual
Bulletin 100-50-10.3 MT-700 2-Valve Controller Installation/Operation Manual
Bulletin 100-50-10.4 Circuit Controller Installation/Operation Manual
Hardware Installation Manuals
Document Description
70-MTA-1003-R3.4 MT Alliance System Architecture Guidelines Manual
70-MTA-1011-R0.2 MT Alliance Prolon VC1000 Installation Guide
70-MTA-1017-R4.0 MT-700 Series Basic Installation Guide - READ ME FIRST
74-MTA-1004-R1.1 DT-EEPR Troubleshooting Guide
70-PHW-1016-R2.1 Summary of Board Power Requirements
70-PHW-1014-R1.3 Designing a LowTemperature Rack with DT-EEPR Controllers
70-PHW-1027-R0.5 023-0399 MT-IRFD Specifications and Quick Install Guide
70-PHW-1003-R1.1 Micro Thermo Standard Wiring Guide
70-PHW-1013-R1.3 Designing a Medium Temperature Rack with DT-EEPR Controllers
70-PHW-1017-R2.4 CO and Diesel NO2 Gas Detector Technical Manual
70-PHW-1018-R3.4 023-064X Refrigerant Leak Detector Manual
70-PHW-1018-R2.4 023-034X Refrigerant Leak Detector Manual
70-PHW-1021-R1.4 023-064X Détecteur de fuite réfrigérant Guide technique
70-PHW-1023-R2.5 023-0344 Ammonia Leak Detector Manual
75-PHW-1012-R2.1 MT-364B/374B MT Anti-Sweat Stand-Alone User Manual
Software Manuals
Document Description
71-MTA-1041-R1.4 Multi-Purpose Controller Programming Guide
71-MTA-1007-R3.1 MT Alliance - Refrigeration Technician's Manual
71-MTA-1014-R1.2 MT Alliance – Programme 4Zones
71-MTA-1015 R2.1 Lighting Relay Controller
71-MTA-1027-R1.4 Lighting Controller 5 Zones Manual
71-MTA-1033-R2.1 MT Alliance - Supermarket Control System
71-MTA-1039-R1.1 RTU Plug-in Technician Manual
75-MTA-1021-R1.92 MT Alliance EFM User Manual
75-MTA-1005-R2.5 MT Alliance User Manual
76-MTA-1002-R4.2 MT Alliance Quick Reference Guide
Quick Setup Guides
Document Description
72-MTA-1003-R3.1 MTA 5.2 Case Display Installation Guide
72-MTA-1012-R1.2 Adding a 023-0345 CO Sensor Model in MT Alliance
72-MTA-1018-R0.2 MT-CALC Quick Setup Guide
72-MTA-1019-R4.2 MT-Alarm Installation Guide
72-MTA-1025-R0.5 DT-EEPR Quick Setup Guide
72-MTA-1030-R0.2 Adding a 023-0319 Differential Thermistor Sensor Model in MT Alliance
72-MTA-1031-R0.5 Adding a WattsOn Power Monitor Model in MT Alliance
72-MTA-1033-R1.2 Power Display Installation Guide
72-MTA-1037-R3.0 MT-374B Anti-Sweat Installation Guide
72-MTA-1043-R1.1 023-0480 Infrared Gas Detector Installation Guide
72-MTA-1044-R5.2 Male NPT series pressure transducer Specifications and MTAV8.6 Installation Guide
72-MTA-1045-R5.2 Female SAE series pressure transducer Specifications and MTAV8.6 Installation Guide
73-MTA-1018-R1.2 MT Alliance - Temperature Sensor Calibration Procedure
72-PHW-1001-R1.2 P05-K53 DPF700 Flow Meter Installation Guide
72-PHW-1003-R2.2 023-0159 12in Duct Temperature Sensor Spec & Install
72-PHW-1004-R1.2 023-0053 8in Duct Temperature Sensor Spec & Install
72-PHW-1005-R1.2 023-0196 12in Duct Temperature Sensor Spec & Install
72-PHW-1007-R1.2 023-0140 4in Strap-On Temp Probe & Transmitter Spec & Install
72-PHW-1008-R0.2 023-0041 Space Sensor with Setpoint Spec & Install
72-PHW-1009-R2.2 952-0009 8in Therm 10k T3 Penetration Probe Spec & Install
72-PHW-1010-R1.2 023-0329 8in Duct Temperature Sensor Spec & Install
72-PHW-1011-R0.4 023-0031 OSA Humidity 2% and Temperature Install & Spec
72-PHW-1012-R0.2 023-0032 OSA Humidity 2% and Temperature Install & Spec
72-PHW-1013-R0.3 023-0046 Wall Temperature T3 Sensor Spec & Install
72-PHW-1014-R1.2 023-0327 Wall Temperature T2 Sensor Spec & Install
72-PHW-1015-R1.2 023-0026 Wall Humid & Temp T2 Sensor Spec & Install
72-PHW-1016-R0.4 023-0178 Wall Humidity & Temp T3 Sensor Spec & Install
72-PHW-1017-R2.0 023-0050 OSA Temperature T3 Sensor Spec & Install
72-PHW-1018-R1.2 023-0328 OSA Temperature T2 Sensor Spec & Install Die Cast
72-PHW-1018-R2.0 (Coming Soon) 023-0328 OSA Temperature T2 Sensor Spec & Install ABS Enclosure
72-PHW-1019-R0.4 (Old models) Immersion Sensor Spec and Installation Instructions
Duct/Immersion models: 2" 023-0312, 4" 023-0325, 6" 023-0286, 8" 023-0329, 12" 023-0159
72-PHW-1019-R2.0 (New models) Duct/Immersion Thermistor Probe Spec and Installation Instructions
72-PHW-1020-R1.2 950-0590 Case Temperature Probe Spec & Install
72-PHW-1021-R1.3 023-0141 Duct Humidity 2% Spec & Install
72-PHW-1024-R1.1 MT-3810FTT Repeater Installation Guide
72-PHW-1026-R1.1 023-0059 Product Simulator Probe
72-PHW-1028-R1.4 DTS 310 023-0461 Quick Start Guide
72-PHW-1033 R2.0 023-0388 Wall CO2 Leak Detect Spec and Install
72-PHW-1034 R2.0 023-0475 Duct CO2 Sensor Spec and Install
72-PHW-1035 R0.0 023-0594 Diff Pressure Transmitter Spec and Install
023-0389 OSA, Wall Mount CO2 Sensor (2,000ppm)
47-PHW-1001-R1.3 MT-331A Neuron Board
47-PHW-1003-R1.2 MT-331P Virtual MT5XX Node
47-PHW-1005-R0.4 252-001X Pipe Sensor Clip
3rd Party Products
Document Description
023-0142 023-0142 Light Sensor Analog, Indoor Photocell, Pwr 12-24Vdc Sig 1-10V
023-0270 023-0270 Duct CO2 Sensor No Display 2000ppm Sig=analog
023-0480 023-0480 Infrared Gas Detector
053-0093 053-0093 ODC-59 NC Door Contact
200-0045 200-0045 UPS Backup 350VA
220-0030 220-0030 LPR-10 Router Module TPFT-10 toTPFT-10
220-0038 220-0038 PCLTA-21FT-10 PCI Network Card
220-0040 220-0040 LTA-TPFT-10 USB Network Interface
400-0003 400-0003 Power Supply 24VDC 1.3A Din Rail

Standard Applications

Document Description
A-001a Refrigeration Schematic
A-001b Refrigeration Schematic w/ CKT LEDs
A-002 Secondary Cooling System (1 Chiller)
A-003 Secondary Cooling (2 Chillers)
A-004 Secondary Cooling w/ MT-512
A-101 Suction Pressure Controller (MT-504)
A-102 MT-CMP Screw Compressor (CEM)
A-103 MT-CMP w/ MT-UNLD - High Press Ctrl & Oil Ctrl
A-104 MT-CMP - High Press Ctrl & Oil Ctrl
A-105 MT-CMP w/ MT-UNLD - Demand Cool & Sentronic Oil Ctrl
A-106 MT-CMP - Demand Cool & Sentronic Oil Ctrl
A-107 MT-CMP w/ MT-UNLD - High Pressure, Solid State Module, Demand Cool & Oil Press Ctrl
A-108 MT-CMP - High Press, Solid State Module, Demand Cool & Oil Press Ctrl
A-109 MT-CMP w/ MT-UNLD - High Press, Solid State Module & Oil Press Ctrl
A-110 MT-CMP - High Press, Solid State Module & Oil Press Ctrl
A-111 MT-CMP and Carlyle Electronic Module (CEM)
A-112 MT-CMP and Carlyle Electronic Module (LONCEM)
A-202 Condenser Fan Ctrl w/ MT-508
A-202a Condenser Fan Ctrl w/ MT-508 and EC Variable Speed Motors
A-203 Condenser Fan Ctrl w/ MT-512
A-204 Evaporative Condenser System w/ Variable Speed Fan (MT-508)
A-205 Evaporative Condenser System w/ Two-Speed Fan (MT-508)
A-206 Evaporative Condenser System Using Main & Secondary Motor
A-301 Subcooling Controller (MT-508)
A-302 MT-CKT Circuit Controller (24V)
A-303 MT-CKT Circuit Controller w/ SWLED
A-304 MT-504 Enviroguard & Mechanical Subcooler
A-305 MT-504 Enviroguard
A-306 MT-504 Mechanical Subcooler
A-307 MT-508 Enviroguard & 2 Mechanical Subcoolers
A-308 MT-508 2 Mechancial Subcoolers
A-309 MT-CKT Circuit Controller (120V)
209-0056 NTI VIP USB KVM rev1
961-651D/E/F/G Case Controller Stepper Wiring rev7
963-CC2R and 963-CC1A Case Controller Stepper in metal enclosure with relay interface
961-663A Case Controller 3PWM Wiring rev3.4
963-3V2R and 963-3V3R Case Controller 3PWM in metal enclosure with relay interface
OEM Wiring Diagrams

Controller Specifications

Document Description
C-001 MT-500 Controller
C-002 MT-504 Controller
C-003 MT-508 Controller
C-004 MT-512 Controller
C-005 MT-CKT Circuit Controller
C-006 MT-CKT Circuit Controller w/ SWLED
C-008 MT-CMP Compressor Controller
C-009 MT-CMP Compressor Controller w/ MT-Unloader
C-010 DT-EEPR Dual-Temp EEPR Controller
C-011 MT-MVC Modulating Valve Controller
C-012 MT-331 Neuron Board
C-013 MT-ALARM Alarm Board
C-014 MT-651B Case Controller Specifications (Discontinued)
C-015 MT-651C-D-E-F-G Case Controller Stepper Specifications
C-016 MT-663A Case Controller 3PWM Specifications
C-017 MT-700 Series Industrial Controller Specifications

Sensor Specifications

Document Description
S-001 Pipe Temperature Sensor (023-0072)
S-002 Bullet Temperature Sensor (023-0073)
S-003 Pressure Transducer (952-000x)
S-004 Outside Temp/Humidity Sensor (023-0031)
S-005 Outside Temp Sensor (023-0328)
S-006 Temperature Box Probe (023-0159)
S-007 Temperature Box Probe (023-0179)
S-008 Pipe Temperature Sensor (023-0076)

Transformers Specifications

Document Description
T-001 Transformer: 120V to 24VAC, 20VA (560-0008)
T-002 Transformer: 120/240V to 16/32VCT, 100VA, Closed (560-0012)
T-004 Transformer: 120V to 24VAC, 500VA, Closed (560-0019)
T-005 Transformer: 24V to 24VCT, 40VA, Open (560-0022)
T-007 Transformer: 120/208/240V to 24/32VCT, 150VA, Open (560-0026)
T-008 Transformer: 120/208/240V to 24VCT, 20VA, Open (560-0027)
T-009 Transformer: 120/240V to 12/24VCT, 100VA, Closed (560-0025)
T-010 Transformer: 600V to 12/24VCT, 50VA, Closed (560-0029)
T-011 Transformer: 115V to 16/37VCT, 37VA, Open (560-0040)
T-012 Transformer: 120/208/240V to 24VCT 50VA Open (560-0042)
T-013 Transformer: 480V to 24VCT 25VA Open (560-0048)
T-014 Transformer: Wiring Diagram (560-0038)

Panel Drawings

Document Description
961-0004 Lighting Ctrl Panel 4 Relays rev1
961-0008 Lighting Ctrl Panel 8 Relays rev1
961-0101 Anti-Sweat 12 Relays 20A rev2
961-0102 Anti-Sweat 20 Relays 20A rev2
961-0104 Anti-Sweat 12 Relays 30A rev2
961-0105 Anti-Sweat 20 Relays 30A rev2
961-0106 Anti-Sweat 24 Relays 30A rev2
961-0107 Anti-Sweat 12 Relays 40A rev2
961-0108 Anti-Sweat 16 Relays 20A rev3
961-0109 Anti-Sweat 24 Relays 20A rev2