Mining Trucks
Rugged Designs That Provide Durable Performance
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The T Series Helical Hydraulic Rotary Actuator is ideal for applications where torque generation and higher cycle rates are the primary requirements, featuring splined output shafts with 200-220 degrees of rotation.

  • Integrated and compact design
  • Drift-free technology
The CVG (Control Valve Group) is a compact loadsensing valve assembly consisting of multiple directional valve sections. Each control section has its own compensator, so that speed control of multiple sections is achieved, regardless of changes in pressure. The compensator limits the maximum flow of control section and it can be adjusted.

  • 10,000 l/min capacity
  • Flexible mounting options
Parker's full line of high and low speed pumps provide power ranging up to 15,000 inch-pounds of torque with speeds ranging from 1/2 rpm to 13,000 rpm. A complete range of sizes is offered in gear, gerotor, vane and piston style operating configurations. Fixed and variable displacement motors are available. Parker hydraulic motors deliver excellent performance with high efficiency, true wear compensation and longer service life.

  • Aluminum or cast iron
  • Up to 300cc/rev
Integrated hydraulic circuits (hydraulic manifold blocks) are designed to meet the many demands on mobile hydraulic equipment. Additionally, manifold blocks can be flanged to one or more directional valves as well as to pumps, cylinders, motors and filters.

  • Accurate brake flow priority
  • High flow capacity
Piston accumulators are the optimal choice when fluid energy storage, hydraulic shock absorption, auxiliary power, or supplemental pump flow is required. Customizable by size and pressure, piston accumulators can be uniquely designed to fit your needs.

  • Up to 300 liter volume
  • Global certifications
SCR Hose Assemblies are designed for heating and conveying DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid; or AdBlue) throughout Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) systems. Parker's hoses are uniquely made with both an extruded sheath and an overmold for protection.

  • DEF fluid compliant
  • Meets SAE J2044
Parker's diverse portfolio of TFD steering units are used to satisfy a variety of customer requirements. The portfolio includes devices capable of producing resistive steering torque ranging from 5Nm to 20Nm.

  • Programmable steering controller
  • Magnetically Responsive (MR) technology
The Parker HLB Grease Hose is a cost effective solution that is MSHA accepted and is more compact than comparable rubber grease hoses. It is designed for grease and lubrication lines in agriculture, construction or mobile equipment.

  • Pre-filled with grease
  • Compact and flexible
Parker's Seal-Lok O-Ring Face Seal offers a leak-free seal fitting design and a rugged construction to make it optimal for use in situations with high-pressure, vibration and impulse environments.

  • Reliable leak-free ORFS connection
  • Seal retention ensured with Trap-SealTM
The Racor Fuel Filter Water Separator Turbine Series is a three-stage filtration system that provides maximum protection of diesel engine components by effectively removing contaminants from fuel, such as water, silica, sand, dirt, and rust.

  • Maximum diesel engine protection
  • Removes water and solids
Parker's IQAN-MD4 display controller is a family of master display units for IQAN control systems. The IQAN-MD4 is fully programmable for use in any machine application as a master controller.

  • 10" touchscreen display
  • Video input
Parker's diverse selection of levers and joysticks includes mini and paddle-style, single-axis and two-axis analog joysticks designed for use in demanding mobile applications. They are available in a variety of formats and mounting and installation configurations as well as with deployment/actuation options such as buttons, thumb wheels, and triggers.

  • Longer handle design
  • 0-5 volt output
P1M Series delivers higher speeds and efficiency that increases machine productivity, reduces costs, and extends pump life in a robust, compact envelope.

  • Longer handle design
  • 0-5 volt output
SBW110 is a mobile valve designed for steering, intended for use in Steer-by-Wire systems. In a Steer-by-Wire system the SBW110 valve needs pump oil supply, tank connection and electric signal to the pilot valves. The flow from SBW110 workports control the steering function (no hydraulic steering unit, steering wheel or steering column is needed).

  • Designed to ISO specifications
  • Safety and redundancy
The adverse effects of vibration, shock and noise disturbances range from simple annoyances to shortened equipment life, and can negatively affect performance, reliability, comfort and safety of your equipment. Our customizable portfolio of LORD Elastomeric Mounts and Bushings provide simple, reliable and cost-effective solutions to isolate vibration and shock, accommodate motion, and decrease noise.

  • Custom isolator
  • Extended service life
Parker's Mobile IoT is a digital integrated solution connecting hardware, software and asset management specifically designed for off-road equipment, delivering real-time, end-to-end operational information.

  • Smart and connected components
  • Fluid condition monitoring
  • Controllers and sensors