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PTFE Sealing Materials

for High Performance in Challenging Conditions

Parker Hannifin’s Engineered Polymer Systems Division works with customers to develop solutions to tough sealing challenges.

When application conditions and/or performance requirements exceed the capability of elastomers and thermoplastic sealing materials, PTFE is often the the seal material of choice.

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Low-Friction Beveled Lip
PTFE Spring-Energized FlexiSeals®
CT-Profile, PTFE Capped Piston Seal
FDA-Compliant Sealing Materials and Products
High Speed, Low Pressure "LFN" Profile PTFE Flexi-Lip® Rotary Shaft Seal

OnDemand Webinars

The Basics of PTFE:  What is it and how PTFE's physical, mechanical, and behavioral properties make it suitable as a seal material

  • What is PTFE:  A brief intro to its molecular make-up
  • What are the physical, mechanical, and behavioral properties of PTFE that make it suitable for sealing applications
  • How individual properties of PTFE are relevant to challenging application requirements and service conditions
  • How PTFE differs from elastomers (rubber) in solving sealing challenges
PTFE Virtual Academy, Session 1:  The Basics of PTFE as a Seal Material

The Art & Science of PTFE Fillers/Filled Materials

Please view the webinar replay discussing particle and fiber fillers and other combinations which enhance properties of PTFE in dynamic sealing applications. You'll learn about:

  • Common PTFE fillers and their behavior when blended with PTFE
  • How fillers enhance mechanical and behavioral properties of PTFE
  • Filler trade-offs; limitations, benefits, and tips for filler selection 
  • Case Studies: Common combinations of different particles, different fibers, as well as fibers and particles and their effect

Tech Talk Video:

PTFE Material Data Sheet Information
Take a deeper technical dive to understanding PTFE Materials.

View a 30 minute "Tech Talk" from Parker EPS Division's PTFE Material Scientist, Aydin Aykanat, Ph.D., as he discusses the typical material property data found on Parker Technical Data Sheets and how the properties relate to sealing performance.

Frequently Asked Questions  

Sealing With PTFE Materials
Read answers from Parker's material science and application engineering experts

Two-Part Article Series

Properties & Performance: Understanding Technical Data Sheets for PTFE Materials

You have the material data sheet for an engineered sealing material, but how does the data correlate to performance when considering possible formulations? Read the two-part article series from Parker’s material scientist Aydin Aykanat, Ph.D. on Properties & Performance to gain insight on how to utilize data sheets for comparing material suitability  in fluid power applications.

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