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PTS Mobile is available for Apple and Android devices. Just complete the brief registration form,or log in with your existing PTS credentials.
PTS Mobile  PTS is one of the industry’s most comprehensive and widely distributed asset-tagging and tracking systems, and the PTS Mobile app is the perfect jobsite companion.With millions of tagged assemblies worldwide, you’re only a few clicks away to a faster, easier, and more accurate replacement experience.
Product Details
PTS takes the guesswork out of asset identification by including pictures, bill of material details, location information, specifications and other useful data associated with a unique asset.
Service & History
PTS captures and stores a complete audit-quality history of all service and replacements. From the PTS Mobile app, select Service History for a quick look at all the past service events for a given asset.
Product Registration
With PTS mobile product registration, users can quickly add critical assets to a registered products list by simply scanning the barcode. Never lose track of important information or dates again.
Digital Documents
PTS provides access to attached documents, product guides, certificates, URL links and images for select products. View, print, save or email files to others from within the app.
PTS provides both email and in-app notifications on scheduled, coming soon and past due service events. Quickly find assets based on pending status and view service history.
Schedule Replacement
Avoid missing critical maintenance intervals. With PTS, users can easily schedule service and replacement event reminders with the calendar selection tool.
Fast. Easy. Exact.

Parker Tracking System (PTS) is a comprehensive asset management solution featuring state-of-the-art component-tagging technology to help you stay better connected to equipment and machinery.

Our easy-to-use platform allows you to record, manage and retrieve product information fast and accurately.

Through a global network of service partners and OEMs across more than 50 countries, PTS ensures you get the replacement parts you need to drive productivity, efficiency and reliability.
Asset Location
Establish detailed asset location data for fast, and easy, replacemen
Asset Inspection
Collecting and storing customizable asset inspection data for easy retrieval.
Scheduled Events
Easily schedule and manage future inspection and replacement dates.
Asset Genealogy
Capture and analyze asset replacement and service history for continuous improvement.
Transfer Records
Seamlessly transfer record visibility between multiple PTS accounts.
Export Details
Quickly export customizable asset reports into Microsoft Excel.
Create professional PDF reports containing asset details, service history and attached files.
Email Notifications
Receive personal Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO) email notifications.
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