Washdown hose is used in virtually every type of food and beverage processing plant. Sanitation of equipment and work areas is critical in packing houses, hot processing plants, breweries, dairies, wineries, and general industrial applications. Cleaning and purification practices require a commitment to preventative maintenance. This in turn extends the life of equipment and productivity. Devoted to developing products to support our customers in these critical applications and to complement our food hose line, Parker has developed a new and improved PUREWash hose, replacing our existing 7079 and 7080 hose series.
Additional Features include:
  • FDA compliant tube (not to be used in food contact/transfer)
  • Enhanced printed layline
  • Non-marking covers
  • Additional blue cover in product offering for a cleaner look
  • Compatible with Parkrimp crimpers or variable crimpers. Please refer to Crimpsource for specifications.
PUREWash™ hose from Parker Hannifin
Series 7680
PUREWash Series 7680 Blue
PUREWash Series 7680 White
Flexible, lightweight, medium pressure washdown hose for hot water and mild chemicals in cleaning and general industrial washdown applications. The hose tube is FDA compliant, while the non- marking hose cover, available in white or blue, permits a clean look and is resistant to abrasion, heat and ozone.
  • 300 psi working pressure
  • -40°F to +212°F (-40°C to +100°C)
Tube: White EPDM; FDA Compliant
Reinforcement: Multiple textile plies
Sterilization: refer to Parker's guidelines for cleaning and sanitizing
Sizes: 1/2", 3/4" and 1"
PURE Standard Cover
CoverPURE Standard
High grade, UV and ozone resistant, vulcanized rubber, smooth cover 

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