Transair® BIM Solutions

Transair BIM solutions
Transair®, the first BIM compatible modular industrial fluid piping system

As a pioneer of modular industrial fluid networks, Transair® views BIM as a performance accelerator in Building Project Management for its users and partners.

Transair® is the first manufacturer on the market to provide BIM services to construction professionals for their industrial fluids systems throughout their projects.

  • A full range of Transair® BIM objects that enable Architects, Engineers and Contractors to plan industrial fluids installations. Families are available, in REVIT format, LOD (Level Of Detail) 200 and 400.
  • Optimized BSP-ISO & NPT-ANSI Transair® templates which simplify and improve the network design process by automatically adjusting the components to your network configuration.

Technical assistance from our Transair® Project Support team with customized services to design and quote your BIM industrial fluids networks, from the conception to the installation.
Benefits of using our BIM families and templates
  • Direct access to manufacturer’s data
  • Full range of objects available from the outlet of the production device to the point-of-use
  • Pre-Construction project visualization
  • Competitive advantage on BIM requested projects
  • Easy & quick generation of Bill of Material
  • Mitigated risks and reduced clashes on site 
  • Accurate building visualization
  • Latest product data information
  • Stronger facility management & building handover 
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