V16 Displacement 220/270 cc

New Variable Motor
Series V16 is a new generation of variable displacement, bent-axis motors.
A further development of our well known V12 and V14 motor series.
The new motors are available in 220 cc and 270 cc.

Fuel Savings and less CO2 Emissions
V16 is probably the most efficient variable bent-axis motors on the market.
Now with the ability of stroking to zero displacement.
This will give superior fuel savings and reduced environmental footprint.

Performance & Productivity
V16 high speed motors offer superior performance, outstanding efficiency and speed capability throughout the entire displacement range.
"The fastest in the World"
  • Best in the world speed capability allows the customer to increase their production

  • Smooth, fast and accurate control thanks to our new design gives outstanding maneuverability

  • Zero displacement capability in combination with world class efficiency gives superior fuel economy and less CO2-emissions

  • The bent-axis design gives a robust and reliable motor that withstand pressures up to 550 bar

Motor Size 220 cc 270 cc
Displacement - Max/Min [cm³/rev] 220/40 270/49
Operating speed - @35° / @ 6-20° / @ 0° [rpm] 2950/4950/5550 2750/4600/5000
Operating pressure - Intermittent²)/Continuous [bar] 550/450 550/450
Max Continuous Flow (theor.) [l/min] 650 740
Torque (theor.) at 100 bar [Nm] 350 430
Max Continuous Power [kW] 488 555
Weight [kg] 90 93
²) Max 6 seconds in any one minute.
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