Manufacturing's Digital Transformation
Automotive Manufacturing
How a discrete approach to the Internet of Things can lay the foundation for growth.
Manufacturing's Digital Transformation White Paper
Propelled by the ability to collect, store, retrieve, display, interpret and exchange machine data while connected to the internet, manufacturers are grappling with a dizzying array of new ways to conduct their business. By providing insight into the health of machine assets before they break down, today's digital ecosystems are creating new opportunities for manufacturers to save and make money in ways never before possible up and down the value chain. But what is the best approach to take to establish a connected infrastructure and analyze the raw data?

This eBook provides a roadmap to Internet of Things ROI. In it you'll learn:

  •    How a discrete approach to the IoT can lay the foundation for growth.
  •    The due diligence required to embark on the discrete IoT journey.
  •    Who should be responsible for deploying IoT.
  •    How Parker worked to define value and move on from the analog world.
  •    Next steps for broader deployment.
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