You have a great design. Don’t let the complexity of shielding for electromagnetic interference (EMI) or thermal issues get in your way. 

With proven solutions in EMI shielding and grounding, and critical thermal management, Parker Chomerics gives you a wealth of integrated, multi technology systems and components that meet or exceed your specifications and expectations. 

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Parker Chomerics offers the products, technical know-how, customer support and supply chain capabilities to meet your challenges while delivering superior, reliable and cost-effective solutions.

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X-ray machines • MRI rooms • Ultrasound • Medical ultrasonography • DEXA • CT • Mammography •Stereotactic breast biopsy

Radio frequency (RF) shielding for MRI rooms is necessary to prevent RF noise from entering into the MRI scanner and distorting the images as well as preventing the MRI’s own electromagnetic radiation from disruption external medical devices such as pacemakers. 

Our family of EMI shielding gaskets provide the necessary RF shielding necessary to prevent RF noise from entering the MRI scanner. Parker Chomerics offers the products, technical know-how, close customer support and supply chain capabilities to meet these challenges and deliver superior, reliable and cost-effective solutions. 

Electrodes • Anesthesia delivery • Plasma collection systems • Ventilators • Medical gas analyzers • Vital signs monitoring • Continuous blood glucose monitoring •  Display housings • Defibrillators

Nothing is more critical than the EMI suppression and thermal management of the electronic components in sophisticated life-critical medical devices such as ventilators and anesthesia delivery systems. Parker Chomerics is fully committed to supplying superior technology that manufacturers can rely on for their products to run the correct way, every time. 

Cardiac monitoring • Pain management • Infant monitoring • Ovulation monitoring • Continuous glucose monitors (CGMs) • Diagnostics

As the wearable health technology market continues to grow, form factors are shrinking, yet increased functionality is demanded. Devices must be shielded from electromagnetic interference (EMI) and heat must be dissipated within a smaller footprint -- and in environments where such devices are not typical -- such as planes, cars, home settings -- just about anywhere.

Robot-assisted surgery
Cardiac • Colorectal • Gynecology • Thoracic • Urology

Robot-assisted surgery allows practitioners to perform complex surgical procedures with more precision, flexibility and control than is possible with conventional techniques. These devices are controlled using computers, and therefore, sensitive components must be shielded from cross-talk and other extraneous electromagnetic interference. Discover the Parker Chomerics solution now.

Parker Chomerics Life Science Solutions
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Rapid and continual advances in both electronics and medical technology have seen the quantity, complexity and diversity of equipment for patient care applications increase significantly in recent years. 
Medical electronic devices have also become smaller and more portable – often battery powered - and incorporate advanced digital electronics alongside analog circuitry to deliver comprehensive functionality. 

Human-machine interfaces have also become more interactive and increase the options that hospitals and doctors’ offices have to collect, transmit, and monitor and analyze patient data. All of these factors have contributed to a major rise in shielding (EMI / RFI) and thermal management challenges faced by engineers as well as a need for both shielded and non-shielded optical windows for equipment displays.

Parker Chomerics is a total solution company built on core competencies in material science and process technology serving as the basis for:

  • Product development
  • Custom engineered solutions
  • Complete electronics housing solutions
  • Fully integrated optical display assemblies
  • Supply chain management

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EMI Testing for Medical Devices – What You Need to Know
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