Engineered Materials Group

Dissolvable Materials Technology

for Oil & Gas Downhole Completion

Parker Hannifin’s Engineered Materials Group has developed a family of dissolvable materials including degradable elastomers and high-strength, lightweight, chemically activated dissolvable aluminum alloys for downhole tooling applications.



Degradable Packer Elements & O-Rings
Degradable Packer Elements and O-Rings
Bonded Downhole Plugs That Combine Degradable Elastomer and Dissolvable Alloys
Dissolvable Aluminum Alloy Frac Balls
Dissolvable Aluminum Alloy Frac Balls
Dissolvable Alloy Billets, Custom Shapes and Components
Dissolvable Alloy Billets, Machined-to-print Custom Shapes and Components

Dissolvable Aluminum Alloy Frac Ball Dissolution Performance Calculator

High shear and compressive strength
  • Parker’s alloys exhibit high shear and compressive strength and excel in tight overlap, high-stage count, ball drop applications where predictable corrosion rates and reliable pressure holding performance is essential.
  • Our dissolvable aluminum-based alloys can be used in applications where high-pressure performance exceeding 10,000 PSI on a 1.8% is required.
Now you can estimate the dissolution performance for your application. Click the link below to launch the calculator and enter your fluid temperature, salinity concentration, ball size, and overlap % to estimate dissolution time for the ball to pass through the seat bore and the time it will take for the ball to fully dissolve.

Parker is developing new chemistries that will soon be added to the calculator!

Originally hosted March 23, 2021

You need to enhance Oilfield well completions to reduce drill time, improve profitability and ensure work environment safety. Discover how degradable materials technology aids all three.

Degradable Elastomers

Parker's degradable elastomers exhibit superior toughness, extrusion resistance, and physical properties which stand up to the rigors of typical Oil & Gas environments. Additional capabilities include:
  • 10kpsi sealing
  • 80 and 90 Shore A durometer
  • Suitable for freshwater or brine
  • Ideal for temperatures from 130°F to 180°F
  • Produces flowable, non-clogging particulates

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