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Webinar: Electrically Conductive Plastics for EMI Shielding

Discover the benefits of electrically conductive plastic materials for EMI shielding in this recent technical webinar.

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Please join us for an on-demand webinar about electrically conductive plastics for EMI shielding, focusing on:

  • Metal to plastic conversion
  • How to pass that dreaded drop test
  • Light-weighting using electrically conductive plastics
Benefits, features, and advantages of electrically conductive plastics compared with metal parts or plastics sprayed with electronically conductive coatings

This webinar is approximately 30 minutes of presentation followed by a Q&A session.

Why Electrically Conductive Plastics?

Unlike normal plastics, conductive plastics have the ability to conduct electricity -- providing “immunity” for sensitive components from incoming electromagnetic interference (EMI) and/or prevent excessive emissions of EMI to other susceptible equipment.  

Product designers and engineers are discovering the unique advantages of conductive plastics compared to traditional metals – such as weight reduction, cost reductions, elimination of secondary manufacturing steps – all resulting in leaner supply chains and better products.

Parker Chomerics PREMIERTM ‘single pellet’ materials offer superior performance and consistency when compared to many conductive plastic materials. The primary advantage of PREMIER is the use of pultrusion compounding to ensure uniform amounts of conductive filler are within each pellet.

Our PREMIER electrically conductive plastics are manufactured as single pellet formulations, which ensures the most reliable, consistent shielding of molded products.

Single pellet or homogeneous products are far superior to multi-pellet blends (also called dry blends or salt-and-pepper blends) that use pellets from different compounds randomly mixed together.   

Learn About Electrically Conductive Plastics from Parker Chomerics

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