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Sipiol coatings can help you increase weather & abrasion resistance, and overall life-time durability of rubber sealings and thermoplastic parts used in several different applications in the Construction, Transportation, and Industrial Markets.
Heat, cold and chemical attack are a challenge to seals and sealing materials in heating, ventilation and air conditioning. The diversity of HVAC devices and technical systems is matched by the variety of the requirements to be met by the seals and sealing materials they use. Learn about the wide range of sealing solutions and sealing materials from Parker Prädifa in our webinar.
Elastomeric seals provide the necessary barrier between your process and the environment. Leakage can occur when a seal is compromised, leading to unscheduled maintenance and costly downtime. At the worst, leakage can harm personnel or the environment. Identifying and preventing seal failure is critical to minimizing downtime and keeping the environment, health, and safety a top priority.
In this webinar, learn how Parker Prädifa's modular seal-wiper kit enables the same pneumatic cylinders to be used for a wide variety of applications.
Discover an all-new sealing solution developed by Parker Prädifa for easy and effective closure of bores in non-pressurized applications. The clever, patent-pending design combined with an equally new assembly process enables simple and accurate installation of the seal, which rolls into its seat undamaged and without a lead-in chamfer.
The sign industry is driven by aesthetics and long-term performance, resulting in a wide range of materials and colors that need to be assembled together. We call this cross bonding.
There's no one-size-fits-all adhesive for sign fabrication – although, that would be nice, right? Let’s dive into urethane technology and discuss which substrates they’re recommended for and the typical sign applications.
ParCoat® coatings from Parker Prädifa were specifically developed for elastomer products. They prevent mistakes during seal installation, thus ensuring reliable and long-lasting sealing performance. Our webinar will provide you with an overview of the wide variety of ParCoat® coatings, their properties and effects, complemented by examples from the field.
We'll walk you through the steps of setting up a part to go through the oven and check the bond integrity afterwards. And, how to bond-to-paint.
Do you build channel letters? If so, this is the webinar for you. Get a step-by-step guide for fabricating channel letters. Learn everything from recommended products, surface prep and proper fixturing. 
This webinar, with typical application examples from diverse industrial sectors, will provide you with a comprehensive overview of sealing solutions for extreme application temperatures, including their suitability for static or dynamic sealing functions.
Need to bond to metal? We’re the leader in metal bonding adhesives for sign fabrication. Now is your chance to find out why.
It’s tempting to think of vibration isolation as a simple matter of putting a vibration mount between an object and whatever it’s resting on. Anything must be better than no mount at all, right? Actually, it’s not always right. In some cases you can create problems by adding a vibration mount to a system. Learn more about how vibration actually occurs and the basic compromises in implementing vibration isolation.
Which factors influence the selection of the right seal for your application? In our webinar, you will gain insight into the wide variety of solutions and learn about the key factors influencing the selection of the right seal for your application.

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