Parker Engineered Materials Group Webinar Replays
Parker Engineered Materials Group Webinar Replays
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Healthcare & Life Science
Design Considerations for Small Parts
Join Parker to learn about the important design considerations needed when molding small rubber parts. Key takeaways include:

  • Considerations for designing and molding small rubber parts
  •  Tolerances, quality criteria, material options and molding technologies
Accelerating Your Launch: Reducing Design Iterations with FEA
Rubber parts such as silicone diaphragms, septum, seals, valves, tubing and balloons are critical components in many of today's medical devices. Finite Element Analysis Software (FEA) is an excellent tool for design engineers to improve the functional performance of these devices.

What we cover:

  • How manufacturing involvement in the design phase can save significant time and cost during development
  • Simplified geometric analysis along with performance improvements in software & computer power allow for rapid design iterations and immediate feedback on the impact of change
USP Class VI Internally Lubed EPDM for Life Sciences
Watch the replay of the USP Class VI internally lubricated EPDM E1244, providing low friction for your medical applications.
Risk Mitigation in BioPharma through Single-Use Fluid Management Systems
Learn about the specific drivers and challenges in the field of biopharma and single-use systems, as well as:

  • How Parker Prädifa meets these challenges with our proprietary process technology
  • Understand the key features of our portfolio of single-use fluid management systems
  • Discover our product platforms: container systems, manifolds, flex caps

USP <381> Compliant Polyisoprene Compounds
Parker's team of experts presents our new generation of synthetic polyisoprene compounds that meet or exceed the current stringent USP <381> Type I requirements for elastomeric closures.
Silicone Processing Options for Life Sciences Applications
Uncover the differences in silicone chemistries and the most common processing methods used in the medical space. Learn how to pick the most appropriate silicone process for your application.

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