Parker Engineered Materials Group Webinar Replays
Parker Engineered Materials Group Webinar Replays
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Product Training
Sealing Solutions for Static Applications
Which factors influence the selection of the right seal for your application? In our webinar, you will gain insight into the wide variety of solutions and learn about the key factors influencing the selection of the right seal for your application.
Sealing Compounds for Drinking Water Applications
In this webinar, you will learn:

  • what requirements drinking water materials have to meet,
  • how regulations differ in various countries, and
  • what solutions Parker Prädifa offers for global use of sealing systems.
Adhesion Improvement Primer for Vulcanized Natural Rubber
Save money and work safer with Chemlok Cold-Bond adhesives to bond vulcanized rubber-to-metal and rubber-to-rubber at room temperature. Learn how our cold-bond adhesives are VOC-free and are commonly used for belt and conveyor repairs.
Press-in-Place Sealing Technology
Need better seal retention? Have complex grooves? Sealing vertically? Learn more about the advantages of Press-in-Place Seals.

Elastomer EMI Gasket Design
This webinar is a quick technical overview meant for engineers and covers topics including fillers and binders, housing design ideas, groove design basics, factors of corrosion and how to mitigate them and overmolded / vulcanized covers.
Clipper Oil Seals
Discover how the unique materials of construction of Parker's Clipper Oil Seal product line provide long life and versatility for solving rotary shaft sealing problems.
Seal Failure Modes: Diagnosing and Providing Sealing Solutions
Elastomeric seals provide the necessary barrier between your process and the environment. Leakage can occur when a seal is compromised, leading to unscheduled maintenance and costly downtime. At the worst, leakage can harm personnel or the environment. Identifying the root cause and preventing seal failure is critical to minimizing downtime and keeping the environment, employee health, and overall safety a top priority.
Vibrations 101
It’s tempting to think of vibration isolation as a simple matter of putting a vibration mount between an object and whatever it’s resting on. Anything must be better than no mount at all, right? Actually, it’s not always right. In some cases you can create problems by adding a vibration mount to a system. Learn more about how vibration actually occurs and the basic compromises in implementing vibration isolation.

Roll2Seal®  ̶  The Self-Retaining Static Sealing Solution
Discover an all-new sealing solution developed by Parker Prädifa for easy and effective closure of bores in non-pressurized applications. The clever, patent-pending design combined with an equally new assembly process enables simple and accurate installation of the seal, which rolls into its seat undamaged and without a lead-in chamfer.
How to Get Started with LORD Sign Adhesives
Do you weld or use mechanical fasteners? Have you ever wanted to try structural adhesives, but don’t know where to start? This is the webinar for you.

  • Learn about Parker LORD and its technologies for sign fabrication
  • Understand the different LORD chemistries and in what applications to use them
Cross-Bonding with LORD Sign Adhesives
The sign industry is driven by aesthetics and long-term performance, resulting in a wide range of materials and colors that need to be assembled together. We call this cross bonding.

  • Learn about the top 3 most-popular cross bonding applications
  • Understand what products to use and the surface prep needed
  • Cross-reference chart for cross bonding
Urethane Adhesives for Sign Fabrication
There's no one-size-fits-all adhesive for sign fabrication – although, that would be nice, right? Let’s dive into urethane technology and discuss which substrates they’re recommended for and the typical sign applications.

  • Understand the difference between a sealant and a structural adhesive
  • Learn about the most popular urethane sealants and structural adhesives for sign fabrication
  • Review common substrate combinations and applications

Metal Bonding with Signlok & Maxlok Adhesives
Need to bond to metal? We’re the leader in metal bonding adhesives for sign fabrication. Now is your chance to find out why.

  • Understand the benefits of structural adhesives for metal bonding over welding and mechanical fasteners
  • Learn about the different metal bonding applications and what adhesive to use
  • Understand what bondline read-through is and how to remedy it, especially on Aluminum Composite Material (ACM)
Bonding Before and After Powder Coating
We'll walk you through the steps of setting up a part to go through the oven and check the bond integrity afterwards. And, how to bond-to-paint.

  • Know which products are recommended for bonding before and after powder coat
  • Understand proper assembly and fixturing techniques to avoid failures in the oven
Channel Letter Assembly
Do you build channel letters? If so, this is the webinar for you. Get a step-by-step guide for fabricating channel letters. Learn everything from recommended products, surface prep and proper fixturing.  

  • Overview of proper purging and mixing of a cartridge
  • Step-by-step directions on how to bond a channel letter 

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