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Webinar: EMI Shielding Air Vent Panels: Design and Application 101

Discover the benefits of honeycomb EMI shielding air vent panels for airflow/dust and debris protection in this recent technical webinar.

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Please join us for a webinar discussing EMI shielding air ventilation panels for airflow/dust and debris protection. This webinar will focus on:

  • EMI shielded honeycomb cell air vent panels which help to solve thermal, EMI shielding, filtration and airflow problems
  • Various types of air vent panels available including platings, cell sizes, thicknesses and gasket options for corrosion needs
  • Frame design options to pass foreign object debris (FOD) requirements
  • Paint coatings for flammability requirements
And much more!

This webinar is approximately 30 minutes of presentation followed by a Q&A session.

What is an EMI Shielding Honeycomb Vent?

A honeycomb vent is either free-standing metallic alloy honeycomb or an assembly incorporating the honeycomb with other value-added features such as framing, plating, gasketing, filters, etc. These vents are typically incorporated into enclosures where EMI radiation or susceptibility is a concern, as well as where heat dissipation is necessary to ensure long-term assembly performance. Application-specific performance can be changed by modifying the size and other associated features of the vent assembly.

Design requirements such as, but not limited to, attenuation values, airflow rates and direction, corrosion prevention, durability, air particulate filtration and flame resistance can be achieved.

Parker Chomerics EMI shielding air ventilation panels include a range of innovative products and configurations to deliver high performance shielding. Our shielded EMI air ventilation panels combine maximum shielding with minimal air flow resistance to provide optimal airflow for cooling electronic enclosures.

These vents can be incorporated into enclosures where EMI radiation and susceptibility is a concern or where heat dissipation is necessary. This ensures long-term assembly performance. We also supply EMI fan filters for dust particle collection.

Learn About Honeycomb EMI Air Vents from Parker Chomerics

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