You Need Clean, Energy Efficient Compressed Air.
The key is finding the optimum balance of compressed air quality required, and minimizing the cost and energy needed to achieve that quality.

Why Use Parker Finite Filters & Elements?

Numerous Element Types
Our special Uni-Cast formed elements maintain coalescing efficiency over a very wide range of flow. The unique Uni-Cast design provides a thicker, progressively efficient filtration media bed that allows for high-efficiency, low differential pressure, and superior capacity for retaining contaminants.

We Have a Filter that Meets Your Needs
Parker offers hundreds of different filter and element variations to meet your application requirement.

OEM Capabilities
When you need a special filter for a unique application, Parker Finite filter experts are ready to work with you. We can tailor a configuration to meet your special need from the wide variety of filter media available.

In addition, with LEAN manufacturing, we can produce specials in reasonable quantities, in a reasonable amount of time, at a reasonable price. Not only will this enhance the performance of your product, but it will also benefit you with aftermarket sales of replacement elements.
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Filter Element Samples
Parker offers a full range of elements including coalescing, particulate, adsorption and water separators. Learn more.