"I Didn't Think Anything Like This Was Possible."
Indego Offers Patients an Individualized Therapy Intervention.
What Can I expect From Indego Training?
Research has shown that Indego training can have various benefits. Each patient will respond differently to Indego training and following list of known improvements:
  • Improvement in walking distance and walking speed outside of the device for people following stroke or motor incomplete spinal cord injury.
  • Improvement in functional balance in people with motor incomplete spinal cord injury.
  • Improvement in gait symmetry outside of the device for people with stroke
How Does it Work?
Indego Therapy is an adjustable lower-limb exoskeleton that allows patients to benefit from task-specific gait training for stroke and spinal cord injury patients.
  • Indego allows you to stand up safely and to walk even if you didn’t walk for a long time
  • By changing your posture (leaning forward) you will tell the Indego exoskeleton to walk with you
  • Your Indego therapist can make specific adjustments to make sure you get the most out of each training session. 
The Story of Russ Redenbaugh
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