COVID-19: Infusion pumps to deliver critical medication
COVID-19: Infusion pumps to deliver critical medication
As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to develop, many medical equipment manufacturers are dealing with significant supply chain challenges. Demand is rapidly increasing for infusion pumps that health care providers rely on to administer critical medication to patients. 

Due to the severe impact of the virus, in many cases patients are being treated with several medications simultaneously. As a result, we’re seeing more requests for designs that:

  • Integrate electronic vacuum and pressure control
  • Require extension sets to protect clinical personnel and conserve personal protective equipment
  • Utilize standard, off-the-shelf solutions for design and manufacturing optimization
If you need help through this crisis, we’re here for you. From hospital beds to ventilators, patient monitoring and infusion pumps… our critical components can help you save lives. And we’re giving medical equipment orders top priority. 

Parker has partnered medical manufacturers for more than 30 years and provided industry-leading engineering expertise for 100+ years. You can count on us for support through the toughest times.

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COVID-19: Infusion Pump Support

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