Introducing Parker LINKnet
For Drive System Networking with EtherNet/IPTM capability
Parker LINKnet is an Ethernet based version of the SSD LINK system that has been successfully used in coordinated drive systems for 25 years. It is a peer-to-peer network designed to integrate AC and DC drives with remote I/O at high speed, with or without a supervisory PLC. The network allows precise and repeatable control for complex machines and process lines. LINKet nodes communicate using EtherNet/IP or Modbus TCP over Ethernet. CAT-6 shielded Ethernet cable is used for all connections. All nodes are wired to a standard Ethernet switch. For PLCs that are not Ethernet capable, a commercially available protocol converter may be installed. Up to 100 nodes may be connected to the network.

LINKnet Hardware
LINKnet tech boxes are plug-in modules for all frame sizes of
AC690+ and DC590+ (version 5 on), with a stand-alone DIN rail variant for interfacing with other devices. LINKnet tech boxes are connected by commercially available CAT-6 shielded Ethernet cable, and require no external source of power when installed on an AC690+ or DC590+ drive. For AC30 drives, no additional hardware is required. For AC890 and AC890PX, specify the LINKnet communications card - a plug-in.

Easy to Retrofit
Have an existing SSD LINK system? LINKnet components are plugin compatible with many older drives. This means that an existing LINK system using AC690+ and/or
DC590+ units can potentially be updated to LINKnet without requiring the replacement of functional drives. The system will connect to any Ethernet enabled PLC and with remote 1/0. LINK2 touchscreens can be replaced by the Parker TS8000.

Parker has qualified third party remote fieldbus I/O modules for use in LINKnet systems. This provides users with an assortment of standard modules to choose from. Digital, analog, and specialty modules may be combined, up to 64 per node, and will be recognized and supported by Parker DSE software.

Works with DSE Software
The LINKnet system runs in Parker's proven DSE software environment. DSE is a Windows based software tool using a drag and drop interface. It enables the user to expertly design systems, using the many pre-engineered macro and function control blocks in LINK's extensive software library. LINKnet nodes are mapped like any other device, and support for standard remote fieldbus VO modules is built in. (DSE v3.03 and later)

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