Sporlan Solenoid Valves

The following is a selection of Sporlan references available for download. All information is in portable document format (.pdf).

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Number Title
Bulletin 30-10 Solenoid Valves
Bulletin 30-10-1 Solenoid Valves for Secondary Coolant Glycol
Bulletin 30-10-8 Sporlan V-Series Ruby Seat Solenoid Valves
Bulletin 30-10-10 Solenoid Valves for Secondary Coolant CO2 XSP Series
Bulletin 30-10-11 E8-HP Series Solenoid Valves
Bulletin 30-10-12 E43 Series Solenoid Valves
Bulletin 30-10-13 EL3 Series Solenoid Valves
Bulletin 30-10-14 E10-HP Series Solenoid Valves
Bulletin 30-10-15 Solenoid Valve with Built-In Check Valve
Bulletin 30-11 Solenoid Valve Installation and Servicing Instructions
Bulletin 30-20 3-Way Valves
Bulletin 30-21 3-Way Valves Installation and Servicing Instructions
Bulletin 30-30 Pulse Width Modulation Valves
Bulletin 230-10-1 Rapid Cycle - Solenoid Valves
Bulletin 230-10-5 Solenoid Valve Replacement Part Kits and Gaskets Cross Reference Chart
Form 30-122 Solenoid Valves & Coil Replacement Guide
Form 30-167 Coil Nomenclature
Form 30-217 Heat Reclaim - Benefits, Methods, &Troubleshooting
Form 30-245 Anatomy of a Solenoid
Form 30-417 Solenoid Valve Wall Chart
SD-15 Installation and Servicing Instructions
SD-114 3-Way Valves Installation and Servicing Instructions
SD-221 CANFIELD A5100-10900
SD-442 SPW Installation Instructions