Catch-All Filter-Driers

The following is a selection of Sporlan references available for download. All information is in portable document format (.pdf).

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Number Title
Bulletin 40-10 Catch-All® Liquid & Suction Line Filter-Driers
Bulletin 40-10-8 Reversible Heat Pump Filter-Driers
Bulletin 40-10-10 Copper Series Filter-Driers
Bulletin 240-10-2 Applying Filter-Driers on Heat Pumps
Bulletin 240-10-3 Contaminant Removal from Centrifugal Systems
Form 40-109 Selection Recommendations for Clean-Up After Hermetic Motor Burnout and for New Field Installations
Form 40-130 Desiccant Compatibility
Form 40-133 HFCs, POE Oil Compatibility
Form 40-139 Desiccant Usage With R-32 Blend Refrigerants
Form 40-141 Obtaining Oil Samples
Form 40-149 Selecting a Catch-All
Form 40-156 Often copied. Never duplicated.
Form 40-169 Plugged Cap Tubes
Form 40-176 Filter Driers - A Case Study
Form 40-246 Anatomy of a Catch-All
Form 40-257 Reversible Heat Pump Filter Driers
Form 40-287 Don’t just catch some, Catch it All!
Form 40-288 Liquid Line Suction Line Selection Guide
Form 40-299 Lessons from the Field...
Form 40-301 Similar outside. Different inside.
Form 40-336 Catch-All®, See-All®, Do-All Type CSG Filter-Drier
Form 40-337 New Filter-Drier for Cap Tube Systems
Form 40-418 CA, SA, Test-All Poster
Form 40-544 Contamination Control Best Practices
Form 54R Catch-All Filter-Drier Wall Chart
SD-111 Installation Instructions
SD-212 Filter-Drier Installation
SD-214 Replaceable Core Catch-All Filter-Drier
SD-34 See-All Saddle Adapter Assembly Instructions
SDS TA-1 Acid Test Kit Part A
SDS TA-1 Acid Test Kit Part B