Parker Sporlan Educational Material

The following is a selection of Sporlan references available for download. All information is in portable document format (.pdf).

If you would like to receive pricing and/or paper copies of literature, please contact your Sales Office or contact Sporlan Division by phone at (636) 239-1111.
Number Title
Bulletin 10-9 Thermostatic Expansion Valves – Theory of Operation, Application, and Selection
Bulletin 100-9 Electric Valves for Refrigerant Control
Form 1-619 P-T Chart Card
Form 5-158 Typical Piping Diagram
Form 5-162 Refrigeration Engineer Quick Reference Chart
Form 5-180 Supermarket Piping Diagram
Form 5-200 Pressure Enthalpy Chart
Form 5-220 Quick Tips
Form 5-490 Temperature - Pressure Chart Air Conditioning and Chiller
Form 5-492 System Considerations for Refrigerant Blends with Temperature Glide
Form 10-135 Using The P-T Card As A Service Tool
Form 10-143 12 Solutions for Fixing Common TEV Problems
Form 90-134 Supermarket Subcooling
Form 90-198 Understanding The Fundamentals Of Head Pressure Control
Form 100-164 Reducing Pressure Drop in Suction Lines
Form 110-136 Parallel Compressor Oil Management in Supermarkets
Form 110-140 How to Maximize Supermarket Compressor Life
SD-28 Level Master Control Application and Installation