The following is a selection of Sporlan references available for download. All information is in portable document format (.pdf).

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Number Title
Acti-Brite Biodegradable SDS
Acti-Klean SDS
Anticlog CDC 5110200 SDS
Blast A Coil BAC20 475248 SDS
Coil Clean CK20 475252 SDS
Dual Purpose Vacuum Pump Oil L339 (P/N 475352); L340 (P/N 475353; L341 (P/N 475354) SDS
Electric Cell Cleaner ECC 475135 ECC-G 475136 SDS
ETK Acid Test Kit P/N 475360 SDS
Foam Insulation Tape K-501 475289 K-502 475290 SDS
Foam-Max FM1 475137 SDS SDS
GL6 475053 Gas Leak Locator SDS
Guardian VG-3 Refrigeration Oil SDS
Guardian VG-4 Refridgeration Oil SDS
Guardian VG-5 Refrigeration Oil SDS
Guardian VPOE32G SDS
Guardian VPOE32-3MAFG SDS
Guardian VPOE46G SDS
Guardian VPOE68G SDS
Guardian VPOE100H1 SDS
Guardian VPOE170G SDS
Ice Machine Cleaner H418 475060 H419 475063 SDS
Locator Leak Detector LOC-G 475055 SDS
LAB151 LAB1555 475422 SDS
LAB201 LAB20555 475422 SDS
LAB301 LAB3055 475430 SDS
Li Ion Li HD Battery 18V 4.0 Ah SDS
Pipe Saver PS1 475000 PS55 475004 SDS
Premium Cork Insulation Tape PT1 475291 VCT2 475294 SDS
Premium Cork Insultation Tape - High Temperature PTH1 (P/N 475484); VCTH4 (P/N 475485) SDS
Premium Elastic Sealant Compound PP-22 475296 SDS
Premium Elastic Sealant Cords PP33 475298 PP36 475300 SDS
ProKlean Multi-Purpose Cleaner MPC1 (P/N 475158); MPC5 (P/N 475162) SDS
Retro Fit Test Kit RTK (P/N 475363) SDS
Scale Remover WL1 (P/N 475084); WL5 (P/N 475087); WL55 (P/N 475089 SDS
Suniso® 3GS Refrigeration OIl L316 (P/N 457326) L318 (P/N 475328) L321 (P/N 475334) L324 (P/N 475340) L350 (P/N 475344) L351 (P/N 475345) L354 (P/N 475348) L357 (P/N 475350) SDS
SUNISO® 4GS Refrigeration Oil L317 (P/N 475327) L319 (P/N 475330) L322 (P/N 475336) L325 (475341) L352 (P/N 475346) L355 (P/N 475349) L358 (P/N 475351) SDS
SUNISO® 5GS Refrigeration Oil L325 (P/N 475325) L320 (P/N 475332) L323 (P/N 475338) L326 (P/N 475342) L353 (P/N 475347) SDS
TA-1 Test Kit Part A P/N 780041; P/N 780042;P/N 780044 SDS
TA-1 Test Kit Part B P/N 780041; P/N 780042;P/N 780044 SDS
Thermal Block TB2 (P/N 475322) SDS
Thermal Mastic PM8 (P/N 475321); PM21 (P/N 475313); PM25 (P/N 475315); PM50 (P/N 475319) SDS
TKO Test Kit 475365 SDS
Virginia LE220H5 475379 SDS
Virginia LE220HPLUS1 475456 SDS
Virginia LE32-3MAF1 475389 SDS
Virginia LE32H1 475393 SDS
Virginia LE46H1 475400 SDS
Virginia LE68H1 475403 SDS
Virginia LE100E 475455 SDS
Virginia LE100H1 475370 SDS
Virginia LE170H1 475374 SDS
H420 475068 H421 4750071 Metal Safe SDS
CC20-C 475285 SDS