Micro Thermo® Technologies Solutions
MT Alliance™

MT Alliance™ is the Micro Thermo software application that provides a powerful, yet easy-to use interface to your supermarket’s refrigeration, HVAC, lighting and energy systems. In a single interface, MT Alliance provides the applications to configure, control, monitor, and analyze all of your supermarket’s daily operations. The combination of MT Alliance software and Micro Thermo’s family of distributed intelligent controllers creates a simple, yet powerful integrated controls solution for food retailers.
EFM Workstation™

Micro Thermo Technologies Enterprise Facility Management Workstation (EFM Workstation™) software application is a powerful innovative product designed specifically to meet the needs of supermarket chain operations. EFM Workstation acts as an enterprise-wide service tool, providing supermarket operators with the ability to perform real-time equipment monitoring and other advanced services such as alarm acknowledgment, load shedding, setpoint and schedule changes and data reporting and analysis on a chain-wide basis.

The EFM Workstation solution optimizes energy and maintenance costs by providing the ability to coordinate the energy operations of an entire chain remotely from one central location, allowing unrestricted access to all store data.

EFM Workstation is used in conjunction with Micro Thermo’s MT Alliance™ platform, which makes it a truly integrated solution. There is no need for separate systems for food safety, energy management, and maintenance and store operation data analysis. With EFM Workstation and MT Alliance, everything is linked under one unifying platform.

One or more EFM Workstations can be linked via a corporate network or via a shared server located in another location using a secure connection such as VPN in conjunction and compliance with IT security standards.
MT WEL™ Web Energy Logger™

Micro Thermo Technologies’ MT WEL™ – Web Energy Logger™ software application is the perfect solution for supermarket chain operations to manage and optimize energy operations across selected or all stores in their business. Used in conjunction with the existing MT Alliance™ installed in a store or used in a stand alone mode, the Web Energy Logger provides energy monitoring, demand response load shedding and real-time pricing services. This new energy management solution enables supermarket operators to obtain the latest information about store energy consumption in real-time, from virtually anywhere in the world.

Integral to the Web Energy Logger are the MT-560 Communication Gateway and Energy Node, which are installed locally at the store. These system elements collect stored energy data and send that data to a central database that resides on a secure server located remote from the store. This database is used to generate reports from the aggregate information collected. Security is a main priority, and solutions for access are always developed in conjunction and compliance with the supermarket’s IT security standards.

Because of the LonWorks technology used within the MT Energy Node, there is no risk for data loss due to network communications issues.

Always on the cutting edge, offering the best solutions in supermarket control and monitoring, Micro Thermo Technologies and our Web Energy Logger provide you with accurate and comprehensive data to make informed decisions and optimize store efficiency and revenue.