New eConfigurator

Parker Engineering Expertise at Your Fingertips

The new eConfigurator has intelligence built-in so you can easily customize a hydraulic pump solution tailored to your unique needs for the following product lines:
Key features of the new eConfigurator include:

  • Additional Details & Specifications
  • Enhanced Model Codes
  • Improved Collaboration

New eConfigurator Features & Benefits
Experience a better way to create an online configuration

Additional Detail & Specification

  • Embedded CAD View with Model Dimensions

  • Technical Summary - Now 17 additional engineering specs for your configured product

  • Conveniently view and confirm your configuration prior to downloading a CAD file, expediting your specification process

Enhanced Model Code

  • Specify additional product settings and options, such as, displacement and pressure settings

  • An efficient method to create your model code with built-in product settings
  • A faster specification process

Improved Collaboration

  • The "Share Configuration" button generates a unique URL of your model to send to your colleagues
  • Save and load functions allow future access of your configurations

  • Easily communicate ideas and projects throughout your organization

Streamlined Quoting


  • Electronically send your detailed product configuration for a pricing and delivery quote


  • Ensure quote accuracy along with faster response times 

Get Tips
     The new eConfigurator is new to everyone, watch some tips and try it out today!
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