Non-Spill Quick Connect Hydraulic Couplings
FEM Series, FET Series and 59 Series
Parker's Non-Spill Couplings are engineered to combat hydraulic leaks and spills with a unified design incorporating sophisticated components.

The flush face valve is the difference maker as this feature minimizes discharge and trapped air, while ensuring repeated dripless connections and disconnections.

The FEM Series, FET Series and 59 Series all provide minimal fluid loss and air inclusion, as well as chemical compatibility when necessary.

FEM Series
FEM Series Non-Spill Couplings from Parker
This non-spill quick coupling satisfies the design and performance requirements set forth by the ISO 16028 International Standards for quick coupling interchangeability. Featuring a push-to-connect design, FEM Series delivers an extra level of security for simple connections without causing any joining, crimping or soldering materials, eliminating spillage and air inclusion during connecting and disconnecting.
FET Series
Parker's FET Series Non-Spill Couplings
Parker's FET Series is comparable with similar high-pressure thread-to-connect couplings by other manufacturers. This non-spill coupling is engineered for reliable performance with equipment experiencing powerful impulses and accommodates the most demanding hydraulic applications.
FET Series performance and features such as non-spill valves, durability, and high impulse resistance are comparable to its competitors while bringing additional Parker benefits and advantages.
59 Series
59 Series Non-Spill Couplings from Parker Hannifin
Ideal for use in high impulse applications with multiple high-pressure hydraulic lines, the 59 Series ensures consistent connections and disconnections under residual pressure. A powerful ACME thread utilizes a double start feature and allows a full connection to be completed in 2 – ½ turns, saving time and eliminating frustration.
Its size and shape of the heavy-duty ACME thread make the coupling resistant to damage, easier to clean and ready for operational use. The bright orange O-ring is concealed by the sleeve and you can also feel when the coupler and nipple are fully mated, giving both a visual and tactile confirmation of a secure connection.

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