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Webinar: Introduction to Electrically Conductive Adhesives, Gap Fillers and Sealants

What are electrically conductive adhesives and sealants, and how do you choose a material? Our experts break it down on this recent technical webinar.

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This webinar will discuss the basics of electrically conductive adhesives, sealants and gap fillers for electronics applications where components need to be held in place and electrical current passed between them.

You'll learn about:

  • Conductive adhesives vs. sealants/gap fillers
  • Bond line thickness, lap shear strength and corrosion resistance
  • EMI shielding requirements
  • Application examples and dispensing guidelines

This webinar will be 30 minutes of presentation followed by a Q&A session.

Electrically Conductive Sealants, Gap Fillers and Adhesives

Electrically conductive adhesives provide solutions for EMI applications. Our electrically conductive adhesive come in a variety of different formulations and offer excellent electrical conductivity levels, strong adhesion properties, and have no volatile organic compounds or corrosive by-products. This makes them ideal for use for a variety of applications across many major markets.

Electrically conductive sealants are highly resilient and are formulated to be used as gap fillers that provide EMI shielding or grounding on electrical enclosures. This makes them suitable for use in both metal and composite substrates. All of our electrically conductive sealants are one-component systems, with excellent impermeability to gases. No primer is required to improve the adhesion of the seal, which means they are suitable for a wide variety of applications across many of today's major industrial markets.
Ben Nudelman, Market Sales Engineer @ Parker Chomerics
Sierra Eiden, Aerospace and Defense Market Specialist @ Parker Chomerics

Learn About Electrically Conductive Adhesives and Sealants from Parker Chomerics

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