Clinical Applications of Exoskeleton Training: From Outpatient to Community

Presented By:
Christina Smith, Sheltering Arms Rehabilitation Centers

Discussion Topics:
  • Discuss the feasibility of using advanced technology in an outpatient/fitness setting, and integrating these pieces into a seamless plan of care.
  • Explain the criteria of training as a patient progresses to the Indego and transitions from robotics to body weight support systems. 
  • Outline how Sheltering Arms has been successful in providing personal use training and participated in community events with the Indego. 

How to Address the Full Continuum of Care Thanks to Exoskeleton Technology
Presented By:
Paolo Milia, Istituto Prosperius Tiberino, Italy

Discussion Topics:
  • Share insights about the use of exoskeleton technology and how to address the full continuum of care.
  • Present examples on how exoskeletons, like the Indego device, allow for intense therapy in various rehabilitation settings.
  • Present examples on how exoskeletons, like the Indego device, can offer continued benefits during home use.

The Positive Impact of Advanced Technology - The Bridging Bionics Experience
Presented By:
Amanda Boxtel, Founder & Executive Director at Bridging Bionics Foundation
Maria Grufstedt, Physical Therapist & Clinical Coordinator at Bridging Bionics Foundation

Discussion Topics:
  • The importance of an activity based program in the challenging times of a pandemic
  • How Bridging Bionics embraces the use of advanced technology
  • How the Indego exoskeleton is used with a variety of gait impaired individuals

The Use of Wearable Technology in Neurorehabilitation and at Home
Presented By:
Dr. Arun Jayaraman
Shirley Ryan Ability Lab, Chicago, IL

Discussion Topics:
  • How specific wearable robots can be used to target specific populations.
  • How they provide therapeutic benefits to complement or enhance standard physical therapy.
  • Strategies on training individuals with varying disabilities with the devices, in order to have the devices taken home as personal mobility devices.

Influence of Advanced Technology on Stroke Rehabilitation
Presented By:
Dr. Gerard Francisco
TIRR Memorial Hermann, Houston, TX

Discussion Topics:
  • Update on the use of advanced technology in stroke rehabilitation.
  • Evidence-based stroke rehabilitation interventions that promote greater functional recovery
  • How the Indego exoskeleton is used in the outpatient department at TIRR Memorial Hermann

Indego Exoskeleton - Origins and Early Development
Presented By:
Dr. Michael Goldfarb
Vanderbilt University/Medical, Nashville, TN

Discussion Topics:
  • How it all started – from the initial idea to an Indego prototype
  • The importance of an interdisciplinary team and the key role of strong clinicians
  • Insights about the lessons learned throughout the process
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