Improve Wind Turbine Safety with a Piston Accumulator Retrofit
Every wind turbine possesses a robust speed control safety system to prevent high rotational speeds during high wind conditions. The turbine braking system is undoubtedly an essential safety system found in a modern wind turbine.
A critical component in the hydraulic braking system is an accumulator, which provides a supplemental flow of hydraulic fluid during emergency braking operations. Diaphragm-style accumulators are standard, although catastrophic failures in the rubber diaphragm are not uncommon. An attractive and more reliable alternative is the piston-style accumulator that is not susceptible to this failure mode.
In this white paper, Tom Ulery, Parker's Business Development Manager of Renewable Energy, and Jeff Sage, Product Sales Manager with Parker's Accumulator and Cooler Division, discuss safety systems found in modern wind turbines and take a closer look at:
  • turbine braking
  • failure modes
  • associated costs
  • the benefits of a wind turbine retrofitted with a piston accumulator
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