For more uptime and less uptower time,
reduce risk with original Parker Olaer parts
The gold standard for pitch control applications
To keep wind farm assets online longer, use genuine Parker Olaer accumulators, bladders kits, and related equipment are designed with sustained performance in mind. Engineered and manufactured to strict standards, Parker’s solutions offer unmatched performance, reliability, and availability. Parker’s leadership stems from more than 300,000 successful bladder accumulator wind turbine installations globally.
Parker Olaer
Parker Olaer bladder accumulators are designed specifically for the unique demands of wind turbine pitch control systems. The E2 bladder material and Rilsan coating combine to provide minimal nitrogen permeation, high cycle life, and the widest operational temperature range, making the Parker Olaer bladder accumulator the benchmark for wind turbine hydraulic storage design.
Parker Olaer bladder accumulator

Bladders, built better
Parker’s OEM and replacement bladders combine advanced materials science with innovative engineering to provide a bladder line that can keep wind farm assets online longer.
Bladders, built better

Parker’s solutions include:
  • Piston, bladder, and diaphragm accumulators
  • Bladder replacement kits
  • Related equipment—Bladder charging kits, sensors, and air/oil coolers
Piston, bladder, and diaphragm accumulators

75+ years of accumulator innovation
75+ years of accumulator innovation timeline

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