Transitioning to electrification -
Separating fact from fiction
June 4th, 2024
15:00 CET (09:00 EST) Online

Transformation to electrification is widely being touted as one of the key ways to decarbonize heavy utility vehicles in the construction industry. As with any innovation the process is surrounded by many myths and misconceptions about the effectiveness and performance of the technology involved.
What is your understanding of electrification? Are you certain a diesel excavator is more powerful than an electrified one? Or that it takes several hours to recharge a battery-powered wheel-loader? If so, you don’t want to miss our Expert Insights this June. With so many misconceptions surrounding mobile electrification, we thought it was time we put the record straight. Our panel of mobility electrification experts will be discussing the many benefits of electrification and share the truth about performance, productivity, and safety as well as discussing the importance of collaborating with the right partners on electrification projects.

Among the topics we will be discussing are:

  • How electrified vehicles’ abilities stack up against traditional diesel-powered ones.
  • The secondary benefits, apart from carbon emission reduction, that electrification provides to end users.

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